Friday Favorites #90: Week of 5/22

Hi friends, and a Happy Friday to ya!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Not only is it extended an extra day to celebrate Memorial Day, but I have zero plans outside of a trip to the park (in hope of finding a beach) and a barbecue with friends on Sunday night. Woot!

Getting right to business, let’s move on to this week’s edition of Friday Favorites. As always, I invite you to share some things you have been loving at the bottom by utilizing the comments section and link up tool!


Friday Favorites #90: Week of 5/22

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• Lorna Jane Active Living bracelets

This limited edition MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE (MNB) bracelet is not just a pretty accessory, it also inspires a happier, healthier, and more active world! I received the pink one back in October from my friends at Lorna Jane, and have been loving it paired with the black one sent to me separately just a month or so ago.

Lorna Jane active living bracelets

The MNB (Active Living) bracelet is a symbol of belief in an inspirational, active future. I wear mine with pride anytime I’m in activewear… which is pretty much every day.

Lorna Jane Active Living Bracelets and polar watch

If you are anywhere close to a Lorna Jane store, you can buy them for $4.95 or possibly even receive one for free with any in-store purchase. (As of right now) I can only find the pink one available for purchase online here.


• fresh fruit

From berries, apples, and grapes to clementines, watermelons, and mangoes, I can’t get enough of it lately.

fresh fruit as a snack

Scott’s been on a huge fruit kick too, so there’s been a pretty impressive rotation going on in our refrigerator. I’ve been taking a lot of it to snack on at work, and I don’t hate on the natural sugar rush I get between appointments. Ahhhh, give me all the fruit!


• life quote magnet

This awesome quote popped up in a gift from friends a month or so ago. Isn’t is adorable?

life quote magnet francescas

It was purchased at Francesca’s, and I have been hooked on going into that boutique store to purchase gifts for friends over the past few weeks, too. I love their home and accessories collection!


• CHI hairdryer

I have been using CHI products since the first model of the straightener came out over ten years ago. I swear by them, and have mentioned the holiday hairdryer and straightener set I purchased a few years back on the blog before.

Since both my straightener and blow dryer broke around the same, I finally broke down and purchased a holiday set from Ulta. I got both for an amazing price ($75 each!) online on Black Friday, and it seems like there is usually a similar sale going on around bigger holidays. Keep an eye out for any CHI hairdryer sales this weekend!

Ultra Chi hair dryer

I have the Ultra Chi Low EMF dryer (similar, similar), but have have owned a PRO series as well. Both are fabulous and help me immensely in the straightening department.


• mobile deposit app

I might be the last person with a smartphone to discover this, but did you know you can deposit checks into your bank account via a mobile app?

PNC check deposit app

It’s true, friends. We use PNC, but I have heard this from other bank users as well. Simply click on the deposits page in your account options, and you’ll see easy-to-follow instructions on how to scan and upload your check by taking pictures. Easy, peasy!


• Keurig coffee machine

Speaking of showing up late to the party on things, um, I have a new found love for the Keurig coffee machine.

Keurig coffee machine

Scott and I registered for one over four years ago, but when we received our Cuisinart 10-cup grind & brew coffee maker instead, we forgot about it. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the single cup brews at work a little too much. They’re so quick and convenient!

I know… welcome to the magic of the Keurig, Heather. It’s fine.


• favorite LIL posts

» 6 Easy Tips On Staying Hydrated

easy tips on staying hydrated


» More Spring 2015 Workout Music

spring workout and running playlist - upbeat workout music


» Spring Outside Bodyweight Workout

no equipment needed total body circuit workout


• Friday funnies

Every. single. time.

funny cracker meme



For The Avengers fans out there…

thor is a jerk




how to twerk funny

Step 2: Don’t.

Step 3: K, thanks. Bye.

Step 4: Happy Memorial Day!


Your Turn


Life In Leggings

Have a great (and hopefully long) weekend!


Disclaimer: Friday Favorites is a series of posts that features items I genuinely want to share with you. While #FFavorites isn’t sponsored, affiliate links may appear from time to time. As always, any support is much appreciated! <3

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