January Video Update

January is over! That flew by…now onto February!

The only bad news about this month is that there are only 28 days to plan! That means there is A LOT to do in a LITTLE amount of time, doesn’t it Scott?

Well I did it, I finally figured out to record, compress, and upload a video all in one spot – my computer! (victory dance).  I now appreciate my MacBook a lot more, and have learned to love her again…so I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for that one. 😉

As January came to a close, there was too much to write about for what we are focusing on for the month ahead – so check out the extremely long January Video Update! You know you want to…

Well wasn’t that fun? Now that I know how to do this my blog will probably start filling up with a lot more videos….luck you! 😉


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