My Bridal Shower

June has definitely been a busy month for me, but it has also been a month of celebrating!  We started out the month by getting home from my Bachelorette Weekend and then 2 weeks later I celebrated the wedding date getting closer at my Bridal Shower! <3

Since these 2 huge things are now over, it has been time to focus on the actual wedding day…but it was SO nice to have a day to take a step back from planning and just celebrate what was about to happen in my life.

On June 12th, my mom and sister (MOH) threw me a beautiful, touching and if you ask me…pretty perfect bridal shower.  The most important thing to me was to spend some time with my girls, have some laughs and talk about all of the exciting parts about the wedding…& that’s exactly what we did!

Me with my bridesmaids and MOH!

The shower was at my mom’s house, and along with my sister, my aunt and some of the girls from my bridal party helping, everyone had helped turn her house into a perfect bridal shower venue.  As I walked into the house, I was excited to see some of my family and friends in what looked like a PINK & LIME GREEN decorated house!  From the food to the favors, everything had a pink & green theme, which I absolutely loved…of course.  It looked like just a preview of what was to come in our wedding colors:

Adorable decorations complete with the day we got engaged printed on the napkins!

Since the shower was in the morning, they decided to do a brunch menu that were made up of some of my favorite things. When I walked into the kitchen I pleasantly spotted 4 different kinds of quiche, meatballs, cinnamon rolls, chicken salad, croissants, fresh fruit & veggies, cookies and Russian tea cakes just to name a few things.  YUM! 

Everyone was politely waiting for me to get there before they ate, but I was anything but shy about digging in to the food when I got there.  Also, I was very delighted to see mimosas and cucumber water on the table next to the food…both of which are very refreshing and right up my alley! :)

As I started to fill up on all of the yummy things listed above, I felt my sister put a nametag on my back and right then we started the first Bridal Shower game: What Female Celebrity Am I? It’s a simple game where everyone there gets a famous female celebrity, dead or alive assigned to them and each party guest has to figure out who they are.

Since the nametag is placed on your back, you had no idea who you were, but everyone else did.  The only thing you can do to figure out the mystery is to ask everyone yes or no questions, like “am I a singer?” or “am I alive?” Eventually, if you ask enough of the right questions, you will figure out who you are and the first person who did that first won the game.  The version we played asked everyone to keep asking questions until everyone figured out who they were and the last person to do so also got a prize.

I thought this was a very cute idea and after a pretty good amount of questions I finally figured out my mystery female celebrity was Jennifer Lopez.

After this game got the party rolling, it was time for the next one.  It was a scavenger hunt to see who has the most items off of a 20-item list in their purse.  One of my friends one this game hands down, with only missing 2 items.  It was pretty impressive how much she carries every day in her purse, but also proved to at least be useful items…unlike what I can say about my purse!

There was also a prize awarded to the most unusual item in your purse and what won that was scotch tape.  You wouldn’t tape would be that unusual, but this came from a tiny wristlet the size of a wallet…so you can see how it automatically became strange to have!

After the purse scavenger hunt game and a few more refreshments, it was time to play “How well do the bride and groom know each other?” I have always enjoyed these games at showers, because you get to see the personalities come out as both the bride and the groom answer a set of questions about their relationship and experiences together.  For my shower, my future sis-in-law made a cute and ridiculously funny question and answer video of Scott answering the questions my mom and a few others came up with.

I posted this video a few weeks ago, but just in case you missed it, you can view it here: Funny Bridal Shower Video.

Jaclyn and my sister & MOH!

Scott was asked 15 questions from a friend of mine and for each question that I answered differently than him I had to stick a piece of double bubble in my mouth.  You wouldn’t think that would be that bad…until you miss half of the questions!  I ended up getting 7 out of the 15 questions wrong…so apparently I didn’t remember everything I thought I would about some of our “firsts” and details about him I guess I should have known!

But – in my defense, there were a few questions I think he purposely answered differently so that I would be forced to stick gum in my mouth….at least that’s what I think.  7 wrong answers + 7 pieces of double bubble = one sticky situation!  By the end of the game I had to actually take out the gum to answer the questions…but it truly was fun, I learned some things I guess I should have already known about Scott & I almost cried from laughing so hard.  

Great game! 

My niece’s face here is hyseterical.  Love this one.
That’s a pretty serious wad of double bubble!

After the Q&A game and taking a minute to rest my jaws from chewing and composing myself from laughing so hard, it was time to open presents! I guess that’s one thing you know is coming at a bridal shower – being showered with gifts.  Everyone was so sweet and got me a LOT of great things off of our registry & they are already being put to good use at home!  I have to say, it was kind of weird and a tad akward opening everything in front of everyone, present by present.

I haven’t done something like that since I was probably in middle school! Luckily, Scott will be there to open the rest with me, but it was fun while it lasted solo.  I kept trying to take some of the attention off of myself with one of my bridesmaid’s 2 month old baby girl, who attended the shower…in lime green and pink no less.

Baby Ashtyn is SO precious!

She was a great diversion from me, and seemed to entertain the guests pretty well as we got through the presents.  I received a lot of great things for both Mr. Hess and I, but I also loved some of the more personalized presents for the honeymoon & for after the wedding!

JUST MARRIED sandals for the honeymoon…it will leave the words in the sand!
Mrs. Presh apron! SUPER cute!

MRS. Hess blinged out bag for the honeymoon, from my mom.

After the presents were unwrapped and the mimosas were gone, it was time to wrap up the shower.  As I was saying goodbye to everyone and thanking them for coming, it was a very surreal moment for me.

I couldn’t believe they were all here for MY bridal shower for OUR wedding…I’ve said it a million times on this blog, but this year of being engaged has absolutely FLOWN by and it finally hit me that the next big day to look forward to after this was THE BIG DAY!!! For some of my guests, the next time I will see them WILL be on the wedding day…which is so crazy to me!

THANK YOU to my wonderful Bridesmaids, and family for such a great day!

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