Wedding Hint #10

I know I know…the wedding has already happened!

But..I never got to share my FINAL Wedding Hint! So here goes:

Here’s the shoes I bought to wear at the reception so I could truly get my “dance on!” You’ll see A LOT more of these as pictures and videos come out…but I’ve been SO excited to share these with you!

We’re Married!

What a whirlwind! & I have some exciting news… Scott and I are now Married! The wedding day has finally come and passed and I am officially a MRS! On our way to our first church service as Mr. & Mrs. My goal was to post a few more things on here before THE BIG… 

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DIY Aisle Decorations

With the wedding only a WEEK AWAY,  I have spent the last 2 weeks or so getting ready for the festivities by tying up all of the loose ends, finalizing all of our vendor plans & finishing up any crafts or decorations needed for the BIG DAY. So far, this has been one of my… 

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Wedding Hint #9

Since we’re getting down to the wire, I thought it would be good timing to let you all in on 2 more wedding hints.  For starters, here’s a glimpse at something you would see at our reception: I’m not going to share exactly why this is here or what it is for…but I will tell… 

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