13.1 Miles: Training Week 2

I have been officially training for my half-marathon for 2 weeks now.  You can find a breakdown and introduction to my training program in last weekend’s update: Training Week 1.

I felt good after the first week of training and was ready to kick Week 2’s booty.

Day 5

Monday: January 2, 2012

Training Week 2 started out nice and easy, with a group run at Lake Eola.  That seems to be my favorite place to run these days.  I’m sure if I lived closer to it I would run there every training day.  Since Monday was an observed holiday, Scott and I had a few friends join us.

Besides the temperature dropping down to the 30s what the heck, Florida? it was a nice and easy run in my new Spenco Ploysorb Crosstrainer Insoles.

Miles: 3

Time: 25:22

Speed: 7.1mi/h

Pace: 8:29min/mi

Post-Run Meal:

Since we all had the morning off, we celebrated our run with breakfast at the Breakfast Club downtown.  Both Erin and I got The Mediterranean Omelet with egg whites, and I got a side of tomato slices with dry wheat toast.

Day 6

Wednesday: January 4, 2012

Wednesday’s run was another 4-miler.  I had bad memories of last Saturday when I was really hot and barely got through it, so we took our run a little earlier this time.  Since the weather cooled down a ton, our run around the neighborhood was actually enjoyable and went by pretty quickly.

Can you tell I have a thing for running outside…near lakes? 😉

Miles: 4

Time: 36:46

Speed: 6.8mi/h

Pace: 8:46min/mi

 Post-Run Meal:

Taken via Instagram. View my gallery

Waffles can be healthy and happy. Here I smiled making Kashi Blueberry Whole Grain Waffles smeared with homemade apple butter (gift from a co-worker), topped with sliced banana and sprinkled chia seeds, with a side of Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon.

Day 7

Thursday: January 5, 2012

I thought Day 7 was going to be a bit of a challenge, since I had been training at the barre studio all morning.  If you haven’t heard of barre yet…you’re missing out.  It’s a 54-minute full body workout that stems from yoga, pilates and ballet using light weights, isometric exercises and stretching.

For more info, check out my barre54 Workout post.  Thursday was exciting for me because I taught my very first barre warm-up.

I got hungry on the drive home, so I picked up my favorite healthy Subway 6″ and a few hours later I was ready to run.

Miles: 3

Time: 26:15

Speed: 6.8mi/h

Pace: 8:48min/mi

 Post-Run Meal:

As soon as I got inside I chugged a DrinkChia! (loved the Mango-Tangerine flavor) while I made a serving of instant oatmeal topped with sliced strawberries, a Morning Star Farms Maple-Flavored Veggie Sausage Patty and a handful of raw, unsalted almonds.

Day 8

Saturday: January 7, 2012

Today I was a lot little nervous about running 5 consecutive miles, but we got through it in a pretty good time.  On longer distance runs, I’ve learned to extend my running path, rather than just circling around more times.  Today we took a completely new path in our neighborhood that was 2.5 miles there and 2.5 miles home.

New scenery always seems to make the run go by faster.

Before the run, Scott and I fueled up by splitting a large glass of Odwalla Carrot Juice mixed with Farmstand Apple Trop 50 Juice and each had a Cashew Pretzel Zone Perfect Protein Bar.

I live off of these things… I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of them.

This drink combo is great together and is light enough to drink before a run.

Miles: 5

Time: 43:53

Speed: 6.8mi/h

Pace: 8:47min/mi

Post-Run Meal:

After the run, I made a huge cop of coffee while scrambling eggbeaters with reduced-fat Colby Jack cheese, heated up a Morning Star Farms Hot & Spicy Veggie Sausage Patty, and toasted two slices of whole wheat bread smeared in what remained of our homemade apple butter.

This breakfast held us over, while getting ready for a weekend.


What I’ve learned this week:

  • Running Shoe Insoles are a great idea – for anyone – especially for training long distances.
  •  It’s important to get nutrients before AND after your run, especially on long distance days.
  • Any kind of Carrot and Apple juice (Day 8 pre-run drink) together is fantastic.
  • Having a goal to speed up my 3 and 4 mile times by 2 minutes is silly.  A goal of maintaining my time or reducing it by :30 is more realistic.
  • Changing up your running path can help you get through longer runs.

Goals for next week:

Maintain my 3 mile run to a consistent 25 mins each time.

Get through the 6 mile run next Saturday. 😉

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Training Week 2 Playlist coming soon…

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