Training Week 3 Playlist

Training Week 3 got pretty intense for me ending in a 6 mile run (on a Saturday night no less).

 I’ve found a fun and upbeat playlist can help get you through those last few miles and this mix should keep going for just under an hour.

I threw in an oldie but goodie for the cool down.

I keep bleeding running, I keep keep running…

Hope this gets you moving into a great week! :)


13.1 Miles: Training Week 3

I can’t believe I’m already 1/4 of the way through training for my half-marathon!  Wednesday was Day 10 out of 40 and the time is flying by… *You can find a breakdown and introduction to my training program in the Training Week 1 & Training Week 2 Updates.  Okay, Week 3 – here we go!… 

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