Training Week 8 Playlist

I got through the traveling and “lazy day” setbacks in Training Week 8 to Get Active again!

Lazy Saturday Instagram

Getting off the couch and hitting the pavement, I made it through 12 miles just around the 1:48 mark.

Here’s my playlist that will get you through at least an hour and a half of running, working out, or even jamming out!

Half Marathon Training Week 8 Playlist

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And yes, I had to start it off right with Whitney… Enjoy! :)

13.1 Miles: Training Week 8

Training Day 29 Meal

This training week started a day late, since we didn’t get home from Philly and New York until Monday night. Originally, I wanted to get right to it and make-up our 12 mile run the very next day.  Literally – on my way out the door – I got a message from a friend and… 

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