Lady Bloggers + Q&A Video

Happy Friday!  I can genuinely say I’m ready for the weekend.  I haven’t been home enough to straighten up the house this week and it’s driving me nuts.

Since when did I actually look forward to spending a full Saturday cleaning?  Maybe it’s because I’m 1 Year away from my 10 Year Reunion, ie: getting older.

Central Florida Lady Bloggers

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of meeting with Orlando’s finest Central Florida Lady Bloggers.  This was the first time I’d ever attended any kind of blogger event, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous going into it.

What if they don’t like what I write about? What if they don’t get the name? What if I don’t feel qualified to be talking with them?


No requirements for attending the event, except to be a woman who blogs, tweets, or takes an absorbent amount of pictures of food. 😉

The meet up was at a fairly new Mexican restaurant in Thornton Park called Mucho Tequila & Tacos. The girls were very welcoming and I instantly recognized a few faces from blogs I’ve already been following.

Central FL Lady Bloggers March 2012

I met a great group of creative women who write about everything under the sun.  If you’re a lady blogger and know of a group that meets similarly in your area, I urge you to get involved.

Thank you, Carolina for sharing this picture!  She did a wonderful job of sharing the blogs and bloggers in the group on her Central Florida Lady Bloggers at Muchos post yesterday.

I had a delicious skinny margarita, chicken fajitas, and a fantastic time.


My chicken fajitas were fresh and plentiful.  I was satisfied with two at the restaurant, so I boxed up the rest for the next day’s lunch.

Muchos leftover fajitas

*Health Tip: When dining out and seeing the portions are large, decide right then to only eat half of it.  Turning one large meal into two smaller ones saves money and calories.

Running for Beginners Q&A Video

I haven’t vlogged for a while, and saw a few related running questions in my inbox as the perfect opportunity to get back to it.  If you like this format of answering your questions, I will make more Q&A videos every month or so.

Let’s go over the basics of what you need to know to start your running journey, shall we?

Here are a few related posts for more information:

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Running Shoe Insoles

Setting a Fitness Goal


Half Marathon Training


Have you ever voluntarily attended an event where you knew no one?

Any more running for beginners questions?


1 Year ’til my 10 Year

Dancing for USF, 2007

I got an invite via Facebook for my 10 year High School Reunion yesterday. —> Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. REALLY?! Has it already been that long? It’s only been 9… but still.  The fact that plans are in the works for our 10 year high school reunion just seems crazy… 

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Wedding Recap: Bridesmaids

Hesington Bridal Party outside Grand Bohemian

Last week I started a Wedding Wednesday series on the blog where I share pictures, stories and advice from our wedding day.  The day truly started with the arrival of my beautiful bridesmaids. *All photos used in this and all wedding related posts are from Elegant Imagery. Bridesmaids We’re a fantastic group, aren’t we? Oh,… 

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Winter Park Road Race 10K

Chicken Sausage and veggies over rice

I ran my first 10K on Saturday and had a blast! I know that sounds weird to say about running 6.2 straight miles, but my “good time” came from setting a great PR (Personal Record) and truly enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning run around Park Avenue of Winter Park. Last Sunday my mom called asking… 

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5 Healthy Lunch Ideas

Turkey Burger Salad

While training for my half marathon, I became a pro at putting together quick & easy meals, mostly because of being hungry and not have the patience to make anything complicated. Although I occasionally highlight meals, I’m now realizing I don’t have a spot on the blog that’s easy to access them.  As time goes… 

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Night Owl vs. Early Bird

Roadie and Cali snuggling

Today is the first day in a long time that I woke up knowing it’s just going to be me these guys for the next 12 days. Oh…wait, there’s another one. Since Roadie and I dropped Scott off at the airport last night, things have been pretty quiet around here. I woke up earlier than… 

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Wedding Recap: Getting Ready

Demarco doing my wedding day hair

I’ve been anxiously awaiting starting a new series on my blog for MONTHS now… almost 8 to be exact. As most of you know Scott and I got married last July, and I’ve been putting off sharing details of the wedding day until I got all of the edited photos and wedding album from our… 

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