Wedding Recap: Groomsmen

It’s Wedding Wednesday and today’s post is all about the guys!

*All photos used in this and all wedding related posts from here on out are from Elegant Imagery.


Hesington Groomsmen

Scott and I realize and agree 100% that we had a large bridal party.  I had nine beautiful bridesmaids, and he evened it out with nine on his side as well.

They were an interesting group of men, to say the least.

Groomsmen - Serious

Joseph has been Scott’s best friend since college.  Since he was part of my big engagement surprise the day Scott proposed, it only made sense for him to take on the role of his Best Man.

Scott and Best Man Joe

The rest of the group included Scott’s brother Brady, his brother-in-law Kevin, my brother Clay, and five out-of-town friends he met through working in the NBA: Markwell, Rob, Marc, Barry and Ken.

Groomsmen Jumping

(I’ve heard they’re a fun group to be around.)

I have known them all for a few years now, but really enjoyed becoming personal friends of theirs during the entire wedding planning process.

When they all arrived into Orlando, Scott already had outings planned for them to attend.  While the girls were having a pedicure party, Scott and his guys went paint balling.

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures, but I would imagine they looked something along the lines of this:

Groomsmen walking

So serious.

The day of our wedding, the guys met at our place for lunch and Scott took them to Kennedy’s All-American Barber Club for a fresh shave.  Scott raved about it, and since then I’ve gotten him gift cards and aftershave lotion from their shop as presents for him.

Once the limo driver dropped the girls off at the church, he swung over to our place to pick up the guys, and they got dressed in the Grooms suite.

Groomsmen Getting Ready

We tried to incorporate a more contemporary/modern look throughout our entire wedding day, it started with searching for the perfect tuxes.

When researching what look to go for, Scott and I found a picture online of a groom in light grey, his groomsmen in dark grey and all of them in white sneakers.  That was it, we had to duplicate it.

For groomsmen gifts, Scott bought them all identical Steve Madden canvas sneakers from Macy’s, lime green socks, and lime green ties.

Groomsmen Socks and Shoes

When we heard Macy’s was having a one day sale we jumped on it and somehow found the perfect slip on canvas shoe, on sale for half the price.  Since we had ten different sizes to buy for, we ended up ordering a few through the store and they came in a few weeks later without any problems.

We ordered the ties online from Neckties, Inc.

Scott can’t recall where he got the socks from, but it was through a soccer website we found by google searching “lime green socks.”

We both loved how the final look came together.

Groomsmen lineup

Ten pairs of sneakers, ten sets of socks and eleven lime green ties.

We had a tie for my nephew Cole, the ring bearer…

Ring Bearer and Flowermaid

…but it never made it down the aisle.

*Funny Story: Cole’s tie was left at our house and when Scott’s father went back to get it, Roadie wouldn’t let him in.  He’s a very protective dog, and just wasn’t going to have it.

Some things you just can’t help.

I know each of these boys men mean a great deal to Scott, and we both feel blessed to have them in our lives.

Boys will be boys (Ken – third from the right), but you gotta love ’em!

Groomsmen straight line

To be continued next Wedding Wednesday…

In the mean time, see what recaps are coming up on the Wedding Page!

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