Weekend Discoveries

This weekend was all about discoveries.

First, it started off with waking up to this disgusting zombie hand in the bed.

Scary hand prank

Happy Saturday!

Scott and I rented Paranormal Activity 3 On Demand Friday night. It was scary, just like the first two and left me thinking there will be a part four coming soon.

Every time we watch a scary movie, Scott thinks it’s funny to try to freak me out.  Why do I still watch scary movies with him? Because I love them…and I can’t watch them by myself.

Over time I’ve tried to prepare myself knowing that something is coming… but the location of a zombie hand is really hard to pin point.

Winter Park Farmers Market

Around 10am, we decided to head over to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market to get some fresh air and pick up some fresh produce.

Every time we go I want to pick up fresh flowers to plant in our garden.  Since we live in a condo, I the only garden I have is a vision in my head and it’s gorgeous. 😉

Winter Park Farmers Market flowers

We could have picked up one of everything, but made sure to stick to what we really needed: fresh vegetables.

Winter Park Farmers Market veggies

After obsessing over the mango flavored honey we picked up from the Farmer’s Market last time, we were out and needed to replace it with something new.

How about a little key lime?

Key Lime Honey from Farmers Market

I already tried it and delicious is a serious understatement.

Target Discovery

We finished off our grocery list at the Super Target in Sodo.  Yes, Orlando has an area called Sodo – which is short for South Downtown.  I’ve been there a few times, but have never gotten an opportunity to go to the Target.  It was huge!

On the way into the store I noticed something odd going on around the escalators.  Umm… it was a cart traveling up all by itself.

I’m sorry, am I the LAST person to know about these?  It makes complete sense, but I’m still shocked I had no idea these even existed.

Hence, my first HWG How To video:

Am I alone on this one?

Cypress Grove Park

On the way home from Target we took the scenic route and stumbled upon a park in Orlando I’ve never seen before.

Cypress Grove Park

The name of the property is Cypress Grove.  There’s a trail, a huge playground, picnic tables, and dog-friendly areas. 

Someone was happy about that!

Roadie with head out the window

We parked, made sure Roadie was in the clear and let him run around and go crazy for a few minutes.

It was quite a show, and we got to sit back and watch it while enjoying Stacy’s pita chips with Sabra classic hummus from our Target trip.

Stay's Pita Chips and hummus at Park

The park is also known for the Cypress Grove Estate House, a beautiful Southern 1925 estate.  It was stunning and would be a perfect venue for a smaller romantic wedding.  Here’s a glimpse at the backyard.

Cypress Grove Park backyard

Everything was so clean and green!

Cypress Grove Park Picnic Table

A new discovery it was.

Me and Roadie at Park

Watermelon Appleberry Juice

When we finally got home and put everything away, we noticed some of the fruit bought last week was about to go bad.  Being one who doesn’t like to waste groceries, I was on a mission to use it up.

As I’m taking the blender out, this is how Scott and I’s conversation unfolded:

Scott: “Why don’t we juice it?”

Me: “Great idea! Except, we don’t have a juicer.”

Scott: “Yes we do.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Scott: “I’ve had one for years.  It’s in the cabinet next to the sink behind all of those useless plastic bags we keep.”

Me: “…SCORE!”

Lo and behold I have had an almost brand-new Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer right under my nose the entire time I’ve lived here.


Three cheers for Scott and his random gadget infatuation! Pumped to see what this baby could do, we cut up some watermelon.

Cut watermelon for juicing

Into the juicer went half a small watermelon (seeds and all), two handfuls of strawberries, a braeburn apple and our last pineapple spear.


Holy Watermelon Appleberry deliciousness!

Watermelon Appleberry Juice

No honey, sugar or additives necessary: this 100% juice drink made this girl 100% happy.

Here’s measurements for the recipe, just in case you’d like to try it out for yourself.


1/2 a small watermelon

1 braeburn apple (sliced)

1/2 cup stemmed strawberries

1 pineapple spear

servings: 2


Put into a juicer, and juice.

If you don’t have a juicer, be sure to remove the seeds from the watermelon and apple first and throw ingredients into a blender.

Watermelon Appleberry Juice 2

Stir and serve right away.  I also added a few ice cubes to cool it down and it was perfect.

I would say our day of discoveries was complete.


Have you ever seen a cart escalator before?

Do you juice?

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