Glamour Randoms

I have so many different things running through my head I want to share today, so I decided to compile them into a completely random post.

Since this tends to happen every now and then, I’m going to start featuring Glamour Randoms every so often.  This could include anything from quick recipes and Pinterest finds to funny videos and stories from the week.

Let’s start with something delicious, tropical and fruity, shall we?

1. Tropical Fruit Smoothie

On the way out the door to Tampa, Scott got the idea to make a smoothie to use up a lot of the fruit we would be leaving.  Umm… this accidental combination of fresh fruit was fantastic!

Tropical Fruit Smoothie

I had never used grapes in a smoothie before this, and now I highly recommend it.  I love when accidental recipes turn into new favorites.

2.  Double the Barre, Double the Fun

Our new barre studio opened last weekend!

Barre54 Dr. Phillips Orlando location

While I was at the Orlando (Dr. Phillips) location last Friday, I took a few photos to let my Instagram followers in on a sneak peak.  Today, it’s fully up and running and it’s gorgeous.

I’m so happy to be teaching five days a week between both locations.

Barre 54 - toning

Come on out and take a class!


3. So Call Me Maybe Video

Scott stumbled upon this video early Monday morning.  I loved the song to begin with, but care for it even more after watching this version of it.

I’ve literally watched the video at least ten times.

Do yourself a favor and watch – beginning to end.

Besides the facials of the last solo, the guy sleeping in the back row throughout the entire video made my day.

Thank you for having a sense of humor while bored on a road trip, Harvard Baseball Team!

4. Neighborhood Fire

Speaking of barre studios, there was a small neighborhood scare yesterday at the Winter Park location.

neighborhood fire

A fellow instructor, Amanda, and I left for twenty minutes to grab a BOGO smoothie from Planet Smoothie and returned to this.

It actually wasn’t that bad at first.  When we got out of the car, I heard the fire alarm and smelled something burning right away.  Typically, I think I over-react to fire alarms and thought the smell was just my imagination. Their wide opened doors and a man running by me with a fire extinguisher reassured me this was not the case.

Our neighbors run some kind of manufacturing company and to me, it looked like one of their machines overheated and started the fire.

They assured us it was handled, okaying us to go inside the studio.  Not being able to tolerate the loud fire alarm, Amanda and I sat on the steps chatting away, going over barre exercises.

No big deal, right?

Within five minutes a fire truck, fire chiefs and the police department showed up.  Holy moly, I’m glad that no one was injured and no property was lost!

5. Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

Has anyone else been at the edge of their seat with these Grey’s episodes lately? I’m counting down the hours to see the outcome of tonight’s season finale.

I’ve been watching the show since my college room mate, Katie, introduced me to it during the first season.  Eight seasons later, I’m still a nervous, crying mess during the majority of the episodes.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8source

I don’t record many shows in the Drama category, but this one always pulls my interest in many different ways.  The show is set in Seattle Grace Hospital and follows the every day lives of a dozen or so surgeons.  I love the cast, but love the medical emergencies and situations even more.  I’ve heard that a lot of the patient stories are pulled from actual cases, which makes them even better if it’s true.

For those of you who follow the show, here’s a First Look preview I found of the first seven minutes of tonight’s episode.

Eek!!!  I can hardly stand it.  If you’re watching tonight at 9 p.m. ET, follow me on Twitter and join in on the #GreysAnatomy discussion.

Do you have any randoms to share? Leave them below in the comments section!

Happy Thursday!


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