Rock the Dress Photo Shoot

As the Wedding Wednesday series comes to a close, I want to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful comments, messages and feedback.  This has been my absolute favorite subject to write about so far, and I’m excited to have a set of recaps to look back on down the road.

On our wedding day, we took a our Bride & Groom photos during cocktail hour.  This was the only opportunity we thought we were going to have to get some fun wedding shots in.  Halfway through the ceremony, we heard thunder, then what do you know… a downpour of rain came soon after.

Hey, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck, right?

When we got to the reception venue, the rain let up but everything outside was still damp.  We didn’t have much time to shoot and we couldn’t go very far.

A few minutes into taking pictures, our photographer suggested a wedding photo re-shoot a few weeks later.  I have heard of “Rock the Dress” photo shoots where the bride gets back in her dress to take and some cool – sometimes dress destroying – photos after the wedding.  I had actually been thinking about doing this, but didn’t want to add the extra expense to our package.

As it turns out, Elegant Imagery was gracious enough to re-shoot both Scott and I in a fun, non-time restricting photo shoot.  Thanks again guys!

*All photos used in this and all wedding related posts are from Elegant Imagery.

Rock the Dress Photo Shoot

We spent about two full hours walking from one spot to the next on Park Avenue in Winter Park.  We brought a list of fun photo ideas printed out and spent about an hour and a half re-creating them, also throwing in a few spontaneous shot ideas of our own.

wedding photo ideas

Although it was hotter than I ever imagined it could be, we had a blast and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Here is a short video I put together including some of the best shots from the day.

Photo Break Down

We started the day on a side road off of the main street.  I loved the brick wall here, and these first few turned out to be some of my favorites.

Wedding photo ideas

cool and fun wedding photo ideas

rock the dress photo shoot


After browsing online for photo ideas – before Pinterest existed! – Scott and I noted a few we had to try.  Here is one of them:

fun and cool Wedding photo ideas

We stumbled on the next location by accident.  After looking upstairs, Scott noticed the pretty vines growing up to the ceiling and it ended up being a pretty cool background.

fun wedding photos

I love this next photo.  This is really what the day was like.  No fake posing, no forced smiles… just us, enjoying time together.

Wedding photo ideas

Besides the fact that I was walking down the streets in a wedding dress, it was just another day at Park Avenue.

cool wedding photo ideas

I just LOVE this next one.  For a minute it felt like we were dancing at the reception again.

fun wedding photo ideas

Wait… can I have ten favorites? Because this is one too.

bride and groom photo shoot

Wedding photo ideas

and that one.

Okay, this is impossible.  I don’t have any favorites anymore.

They’re all special to me.

Hesington Wedding Photo

All are special, and this next one melts my heart.

I’ve seen rings on the Bible before, but never something like this.  I stumbled upon this same photo in the gallery of our photographer’s website and knew we had to get one in the middle of 1 Corinthians.

wedding rings photo ideas

The verse means a great deal to us, and the center ring making a heart shadow displayed that perfectly.

If you would like to know why, read this story.

The next one is another off of our list of mandatory photos.  We bought the lime green picture from from Michaels for under $10, separated the from from the matting and glass and stuck it right into the grass.

cool and fun wedding photo ideas

These next two are wild.  Again, Scott found this idea online and our photographers did an amazing job editing them!

Wedding photo ideas

Some say I look like Thumbelina.  I say I look like a mini-me.  Either way, the photos turned out pretty cool!

Wedding photo ideas

After close to two hours of shooting, we were both hot and sweaty messes.  We knew we got great shots and felt happy we got to spend as much time as we needed to capture a gallery of cool and fun wedding photos.

wedding photo ideas

For the last shot of the day, we tore up my beautiful bouquet.  It felt so wrong, but since it wouldn’t last more than a few days anyways, we captured something that would last longer.


fun way to use wedding flowers

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