Holiday Cheer is Cheering Me Up

Good afternoon, friends! Today’s post is coming a lot later than normal because this morning was a little rough.

I have tried to ignore the feeling of being sick for a few days now and today I have finally given in to admitting it has me.  You win, severe cold.  I realized it when I woke up around 7:30 a.m. as usual, got some work done, then went back to sleep for another few hours.  My body can not seem to get enough rest and it is like I have a form narcolepsy lately!

Finally, I got out of bed again around surrounded myself with things I knew would cheer me up…

cali for christmas

A lit up Christmas tree and breakfast for lunch!

Christmas Tree

Although it was late in the morning, my body wanted egg whites sprinkled in Cheddar cheese, two slices of Jennie-O turkey bacon, and a whole wheat English muffin smothered in Smart Balance butter and grape jam.  Oh, and how could I forget to mention my ginormous cup of Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee?  My choice of cup size was out of control, as usual.

breakfast for lunch

At the coffee table I sat eating brunch while watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. (<- yes, I still watch wedding shows. It might be a problem, but it’s fine.) After an episode, I forced myself up and determined to stay productive today.  I started planning the day and weekend, and realized I have yet to share our holiday decorations with you!

Listening to my Holiday Favorites Playlist, typing and sharing our holiday cheer is starting to cheer me up.  Hopefully it will put you in the holiday spirit as well.

Holiday Decorations 2012

I finally convinced Scott it was time to decorate for Christmas last Saturday.  It has been a tradition of mine to decorate the day or weekend after Thanksgiving, so I wanted to stay true to it up here.

While decorating our tree, I realized that we misplaced an entire box of ornaments somewhere during the move.  It contained most of my dancer ornaments, so I am beginning to think Scott might just know it’s whereabouts and isn’t telling me.  Hmmm.

What I did find were some new additions to the tree this year!

Every New Years Day, Scott and I celebrate our dativersary and exchange ornaments we found on sale (after Christmas) as presents.  Here is one “h” letter out of the “hbsh” set I gave to Scott.

letter ornament from kirklands

I picked them all up at Kirkland’s last year for $3 each.

Sitting on the table is a set of ornaments Scott got me from Pier 1 Imports, also on sale.  I picked up a bag of holiday scented pine cones from Whole Foods just before Thanksgiving, and they are still going and smelling strong!

pier 1 christmas ornaments

The next little guy might just be my new favorite.  It’s HOOPER, our very own Detroit Pistons mascot!

nba pistons mascot ornamnet hooper

In case you are wondering, our home is slowly filling up with NBA memorabilia again, but I am okay with it.

I absolutely adore the new holiday hand towels I got from Crate & Barrel!  If I could afford everything in that entire store, I would buy it.  One hundred percent.

Crate & Barrel holiday handtowels

Onto the Old

There are a few things making an appearance in our home for the third year in a row.  First up are these mini Christmas trees we found at Urban Outfitters.  While in the store last week, I noticed they still sell them as well as miniature ornament sets.  The miniature lights are from Michaels.

MIni Christmas Tress from Urban Outfitters

We got everything having to do with our stockings a few years ago from Target.  My favorite part about them is the HB & SH initials, which are really crystal lettered broach pins:

christmas stockings

Being a sucker for sales, I picked up a few of these holiday candles after Christmas from Home Depot last year.

christmas candle

Between that and the cinnamon broom, our downstairs bathroom is smelling quite festive!

holiday bathroom decoration

I love the smell of cinnamon brooms, and get at least one a year from a local grocery store.

With that, faithful Housewife Glamour readers, our holiday decorations are now shared.  I am planning to spend the rest of the day running errands, picking up ingredients to make some kind of warm soup or stew, and possibly going to a barre class tonight.  Sometimes sweating out the sickness does the trick.

Thank you for your helpful tips for driving in the snow you left on yesterday’s post.  I am sure I will put them to good use very shortly!

Questions of the Day

• Have you decorated for the holidays yet? Do you find yourself getting in the holiday spirit with everything around?

• Any fun plans for the weekend?

Since both Scott and I are feeling under the weather, we plan to hang low, rest, and get some things done around the house.  I am hoping to be able to share what the rest of our new home looks like very soon… but there is still so much to do.  Here’s to a great weekend full of projects and rest! <– Am I officially a grandma? 😉

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