FYI: Ice Turns to Slush

Hello from a cold and snowy day in Michigan! Wait… what?

Yesterday it was 55 degrees, humid, and rainy out.

neighborhood sidewalk

This winter concept sure is confusing!

Being a “warmer” day here Tuesday, I took advantage of it by going for a run outside.  I even thought I might be nuts after the last few experiences, but since I only had about a half hour to complete a workout I went for it.

How was it?  Well… let me answer that question by posing one:

What do you think happens to snow when it stops falling and the temperature rises?

running on slush

Ummm… this.

ice turns to slush

Wet, muddy, slippery, nasty slush.

Occasionally, a fog rolls in too.

fog and melted snow

Just another beautiful January day in Rochester Hills!

(And I thought running on ice was a challenge.)

I actually started my run feeling confident.  These days, 55 seems like a dream and I did not have to do any crazy layering besides a sweatshirt.  With a glance out into the neighborhood, I thought “I got this!”

fog in neighborhood

Ha. I got it alright.

If it means a first class ticket of two miles into slip and slide central.

The beginning of my run was manageable, but when I got to the main road, the sidewalks were covered with snow, mud and slush.  It took all of my concentration to watch my steps and try not to fall and eat dirty snow for lunch.

Slowly and carefully, I hopped, dodged, and maneuvered my way around most of the big ice patches.  Weaving back and forth between sides of the sidewalk, I probably spent a good mile running through snowy and slushy grass.

Grass slush > sidewalk slush any day.

Like I said, I only had a half hour to fit in a workout, so I stopped at two miles.  I finished it off with a series of walking front and side lunges, push-ups, and plank holds (with those last two exercises happening indoors, of course).

ice turns to slush

Don’t worry neighbors, it’s just me again.  You know… that crazy girl you always see prancing around outside. 😉

Speaking of lunges, I posted a killer booty blaster workout earlier this week.

Check it out! ^

Green Smoothie

If I only had thirty minutes to workout, you can imagine that I also only had about ten minutes to make and eat lunch afterwards.

It has been ages since I have broken out the blender.  After making a Carnation Chocolate Malt shake (1 pack + ice + milk + 1 banana) the other day, I became hooked again.

After my workout, I wanted something lean and green!

green smoothie

What I Blended:

• 1/2 cup frozen strawberries

• 1 sliced banana

• 1 cup Greek yogurt (plain)

• 1 cup fresh spinach

• 1 Tbsp. chia seeds

• 1 cup orange juice

Just like any time I make a smoothie, I got a little impatient and enjoyed a small snack on the side.

This time it was a few handfuls of Reduced-Fat Wheat Thins dipped in Sabra Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

wheat thins and hummus

That stuff is so addicting.  I have been enjoying a little bit of it a day for the past few weeks.  Somebody stop me!

Looking past the fact that I probably looked like a fool, I enjoyed getting to run outside again.  It was a perfect jump start to a busy rest of my day.

Now go have a good one of your own! :)

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