Tigers Game in the Rain

The weather is finally starting to warm up and I could not be more ready to bask in the Florida Michigan sunshine.  Even if that means a few days of raining and thunderstorms, I am alllll for it.

Wait… maybe I should have saved that sentence for after the Detroit Tigers Game Scott and I went to over the weekend.

It was our first time to Comerica Park, and after attending our first Red Wings Game a few days earlier, the two of us are now officially introduced to the world of professional sports in the D!

Detroit Tigers Game 10

Even though it is the off-season, Scott and I still remain close with a lot of our Pistons Family.  Outside of the NBA, a large group of us (and majority of the city!) also follows other major sports teams in the area.

Sunday was Scott and I’s first time seeing the Tigers play live, and it was a complete blast to go with a ridiculously large group of friends!

The only thing I was not looking forward to was the rainy weather. Detroit baseball is played outside (while ironically, Tampa Bay baseball is covered) rain or shine.

Instead of a normal pre-game gathering in the parking lot, we met just a few blocks down from the stadium at Bookies Bar & Grille.

Detroit Tigers Game 5

The group of twenty-one of us was quite impressive, and I was a bit worried we would not be able to all sit together.  Luckily, we found the upstairs bar about ten minutes before any other Tigers fans and took the tables over. Whoops!

I love that the girls I dance with also share a love for professional sports.  Every one of them wanted to go to watch the game and have a good time, just like it was a Pistons game.

Detroit Tigers Game Girls

(Who said baseball is just for guys, anyways?)

With more than full bellies, we decided to walk over to the park during the second inning.  Nine innings in the rain can be less than enjoyable, so I am considerably proud of us for holding out for seven of them!

Upon entry, we were those people eager to pile up in front of the giant tiger statue. Can you spot my husband?

Detroit Tigers Game Full Grou

He would be the floating upside down head in the bottom row.  Sheesh.

Eventually, we made inside and up to our seats, which were somehow the only few rows in the third level covered by awnings.  Strategic!

Detroit Tigers Game 14

With at least a drizzle the entire time, I was surprised to see the stands as full as they were.  As the game progressed, fans began to leave and some even came up to join us all the way on the third level just to be covered.

Looks like there are benefits to those nosebleed sections after all, huh?

Although I appreciate all professional sports, I have to admit that baseball is probably my least favorite.  I still had a good time, but I know I would have enjoyed it more if it were in the daytime and in the sunshine.  I give us girls props for hanging through it all with smiles on our faces!

Detroit Tigers Game 15

We ended with a win, and even through the rain the Detroit fans were loud and proud to support their home team.

As the summer approaches, I am looking forward to attending more games and getting the full experience and love of sports here.  One of our friends gets Tigers tickets about once a month, and has offered to take us to again to an afternoon game.  Hopefully then I can write more about the game, and less about the weather.  😉

Have a great Tuesday! I am spending the rest of mine trying to get ahead for the weeks ahead. I am flying down to Florida on Friday and have a lot to finish before my vacation begins. See ya tomorrow!

Questions of the Day

• Have you ever been to an outside MLB or NFL game when it is raining?  Does it bother you, or is that something you can ignore?

• What is your favorite MLB team?

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