Date Night + Trail Running Morning

Happy Saturday! I have just a few minutes to chat before I have to head back upstairs and get ready for the day, so let’s get right down to business.

First thing’s first, I have a giveaway winner to announce! Thank you to all who entered and shared the Reebok CrossFit Nano 3.0 Giveaway! I loved reading which shoes each one of you would pick out.


Entry #80: Rebecca Pytell – You won by following @Reebok on Twitter!

Please email me at with your mailing address, shoe size, and Nano style/color of choice to claim your prize!

By the way, for those interested, Reebok is having a Labor Day Weekend Sale! Save 25% Off their Sale Collection*, Valid: August 28 – September 2 using the code: LD25.

*Offer excludes Reebok CrossFit items (yes, that means the Nanos – sad face – sorry guys).

Dinner & A Movie Date

I can’t tell you the last time Scott and I went on a dinner and a movie date. Probably months! With an itch to get out but still stay in our casual clothes, we figured a rainy Friday night was the perfect excuse to go.

We drove around for a while before deciding on trying a new (for us) Italian place called Pasquale’s.

Pasquale's Family Restaurant

The place has been around since 1954 and has some crazy history. I will for sure have to share some stories with you another time…

For now, I will share that I for sure took advantage of this date night and allowed myself to “let loose” a little on the dinner front. First came a Michigan Cherry Wine Sangria.

Pasquale's Cherry Wine

Then Scott and I split an Anitpasto Salad.

Pasquale's Antipasto Salad

And then dove right into the main attraction, (what we have heard people rave about), their Deep Dish Pizza!

Pasquales Deep Dish Pizza


I don’t know if it was amazing because it was deep dish (which I haven’t had in ages) or if it was because it was truly that delicious. Either way, I was a fan!

Just when I thought I couldn’t eat any more, the waitress asked if we wanted to see the dessert tray. Whenever we try a new Italian restaurant, Scott has to try their tiramisu and I may or may not have given him the look of death when he ordered one.

My “just one bite” turned into eating at least half of it, and I must admit that it was pretty darn tasty.

Pasquales Tiramisu

After dinner, we checked out some movie times and were excited to finally go see “We’re The Millers”. I didn’t know much about it going into it, but I knew it was supposed to be funny.

We were both laughing out loud within a few minutes time. The comedy was great and I loved it!!

movie date

Three cheers for a casual rainy Friday night!

Family Trail Run

A night of indulgence usual equals a long run the next morning, just to get things movin’ and get me back in the swing of a normal routine.

This morning we wanted to bring Roadie along, so we settled on a 4 mile loop that included our favorite neighborhood trail!

Running with Roadie

The idea for a trail run on a Saturday morning is quite popular amongst our neighbors. We crossed paths with several runners, walkers, and bike riders!

Running Trails

We made it home without any troubles and I was so proud of Roadie for keeping up the whole time. Four miles is a new Roadie distance record!

As soon as we got home, Scott gave him a bath to help cool him down and we made sure to give him a lot of love afterwards.

Roadie after bath

I just love when he’s so fresh and so clean, clean!

Roadie after a bath

Well, I’m off to get ready to work a festival in downtown Royal Oak called Arts Beats and Eats. Can’t wait to see how it is and tell you all about it.

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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