Media Day + Mexican Food

This weekend flew faster than you can say “Deeeeetroit Basketballllllll,” because that’s pretty much what consumed it. Our first practice game is coming up next weekend, followed by two weeks of pre-season games, and finally ending October with Opening Night just around the corner.

It’s safe to say Scott and I are soaking in what we have left of our social lives outside of Pistons Entertainment. (Not much!)

Saturday night kicked off our fun-filled weekend with an event at Airtime Trampoline & Game Park. It was the first appearance of this season I was back with so many girls and members of Flight Crew, which always proves to be a good time.

Airtime Trampoline Park event

We had a team outing here at the end of last season, and had just as much fun jumping on trampolines and playing dodgeball this time around. Except, the night ended with the girls owing the boys a homemade dinner for losing. Whoops!

Media Day Sunday

Sunday morning started early with a CrossFit inspired workout at home. Later on, I was to be at our arena to continue the second part of our team photoshoot for the season, and part of my photoshoot prep is to get my blood pumpin’ with a run or workout the morning of.

I love breaking that extra sweat before getting ready for the day and will be sure to share the WOD with you tomorrow.

My call time at the arena was 10:30 a.m. and all the girls arrived in different time shifts to get our hair and makeup done. By Noon I was ready to roll!

Photoshoot NBA Dancers

We each took turns filming a video on a green screen to display during our on-court performances, interviewing on camera (I may or may have not made a fool of myself during some of those answers and cannot wait to see that footage!), and taking a series of costume and casual shots for our website and promotional publications for the year.

I made sure to steal Scott away while he was dressed in uniform to snap a costume photo with him. Can you believe that after an entire season, we still had yet to get an official in-costume shot of the two of us together?

Pistons Entertainment Scott and I

Mission accomplished. 😉

We finished the day at about 7:30 p.m. with rumbling bellies and both agreed that Mexican food was the best fix. After a day of shooting photos, I always reward my hard work with more than a little indulgence!

Miguel’s Cantina

About a month ago, Scott discovered a new restaurant located just a few miles from home. Miguel’s Cantina is a charming little Mexican joint full of culture and smiling staff.

Miguel's Cantina Rochester

We have only been to one of their locations twice, but have had exceptional service both times around. Two things that stick out to share with you are their made-to-order (at the table) salsas and homemade margaritas!

pomegranate margarita

Scott stuck with water, but I ordered the Pomegranate Margarita and every sip was wonderful.

We were impressed when our server greeted us with a tray of salsa ingredients and asked us how we would like ours. We answered “pretty spicy” and although the flavor was great it didn’t really give the spicy kick we were looking for. Regardless, we both enjoyed seeing it made table side!

To save room for dessert (which we already agreed ahead of time on getting), we ordered the steak fajitas picado style (smothered in warm enchilada salsa and melted cheese) to split.

Miguel's Cantina Fajita Dinner

We each had two hefty fajitas and saved another serving for leftovers.

The reason? This guy.

tres leches cake Miguel's Cantina

Scott and I both love tres leches cake, and this was one of the best we have ever had! Not to mention it was the size of my head. I think that is the first time we left more than a bite left, but it wasn’t because we didn’t love it. Everything all around was so good!

We finally arrived home to an anxious and needy dog (Poor Roadie) and both fell asleep soon after showering him with snuggles. All in all, I have to say my weekend was pretty marvelous.

Marvelous In My Monday #MIMM

(Thanks for the link up, Katie!)

Done with photoshoot

Hope you’re having a wonderful start to your week!

Question of the Day

What’s your Mexican dessert of choice:

Tres Leches Cake or Fried Ice Cream?

While I don’t condone eating many things fried, I just can’t resist fried ice cream. Especially at Mexican restaurants. (Please tell me you’ve tried it at least once!) Unable to choose between them, we asked our waitress for a suggestion between the two and she talked us into the cake. Clearly, that was a great choice but I want to go back for the ice cream!


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