80s Roller Skating

Last March, Scott and I went to Tampa for the 2012 Gasparilla Half Marathon and ended up looking for vintage 1980s costumes while there.  This weekend, we traveled back to South Florida to see my friend Meggan for her 80s themed birthday party!

80s Birthday Party Costumes


As soon as I got wind the party was 80s themed, I was stoked.

I LOVE the 80s!

The day before the race, she took us to a vintage clothing shop called Squaresville in South Tampa.  Whether we were on a mission or not, this place was great outlet to reminisce about what used to be “cool.”

Dress Options from Squaresville

Oh, the florals!

Floral print dress

The store undoubtedly has anything and everything you need for a decade themed party or Halloween costume.

70s gear Squaresville

The possibilities were endless, and I knew we could finish our costumes off without worry.

Ready for the 80s

Although Squaresville could have equipped us with some “totally rad” poofy skirts and shoulder pads, we decided to hit up the local thrift store to save some dollars.  Where I could have bought one long neon tank top for $18, I found:

A neon orange apple printed skirt for $5.99, a pink sequined belt for $2.99, this awesome denim purse for $2.89…

80s Denim purse from thrift store

…and some amazing denim and floral bangles for $2.98 each.

80s floral and denim accessories

Those accessories are straight from the 80s my friends, and I was SO excited to rock them.

Although the competition was fierce, my favorite accessory was my wedding reception sneakersI look for any excuse to wear them and couldn’t have been more fitting for the night’s theme! Can I get a woot woot?

Sparkly wedding sneakers

With my outfit ready to go, I hopped in the shower and highly anticipated the final look.  While getting ready, breaking out my long lost blue and purple eye shadows inspired a happy dance.

80s makeup

I really do miss this makeup.  Living in the Millennium, I realize the days of blue eye shadow and pink lipstick daily are over, but it sure is fun to do every now and then!

80s birthday makeup

Shah. <- Wayne’s World anyone?

Meggan’s 80s Birthday Bash

*Get ready for a plethora of bangin’ photos!  There are so many more I wanted to share with you, but (for everyone’s sanity) I condensed them down to the highlights.

Scott and I arrived in full garb at Gaspers Groto on a Saturday night.  I was worried about walking around dressed up and not being able to find them, but fear not – the neon colors led the way.

ladies in 80s neon wearMe, Meggan, Beth and Eva

Meggan got her pink ruffle skirt, roller skate necklace and tights at Squaresville, her earrings from Target and the rest of her outfit at Forever 21.  Beth got her authentic denim shirt from a thrift store.  I just loved it.

Drinks were flowing, and I wanted to make sure to get in a good dinner.  Since Gasper’s is also an oyster bar, Scott ordered an enormous plate of raw oysters.

80s night and oysters at Gaspers GratoBefore I go any further, I feel like I should address a few things:

Yes, Scott’s nails are painted black.

Yes, he is wearing a pink tie (also from the thrift store) and an obnoxiously large curly blonde wig.

And finally… yes, he’s wearing an actual spiked dog collar, which you actually can’t see it in this picture.

While he enjoyed his raw oysters (I’m not a fan), I ordered a Chef’s Salad which took up about half of the table.  It was large, but quite good.

Chef Salad at Gasper's Groto

A few minutes later, Scott convinced me to try one of his oysters.  I have had oysters before, but just accept the fact that I don’t like them.  Especially raw.

Oyters at Gaspers Groto

Against my better judgement, I tried it out again and couldn’t get past the raw, horseradish flavor.  Gag me with a spoon!

I quickly got over the disappointment and continued to enjoy my night with a crazy group of friends.

80s Costume for birthday party

Adult Roller Skating

Around 9pm, we loaded up the troops and made the half mile over to United Skates Tampa.  Yup, a group of twelve adults all over the age of 25 (in 80s attire no less) walked into a roller skating rink full of 12-year-olds.


While most of us rented our skates, Mr. “I Have the Most Random Things in my Storage Room” busted out a pair of grey skates of his own.

80s Roller Skating PartyOkay, let’s address the next series of questions I’m sure you have:

Yes, Scott is wearing sliver leggings.

Yes, he actually still owns a pair of roller skates.

Yes, the roller skating rink had no idea what they were in for.

Roller skating 80s birthday party

Eventually, the majority of us made it out to the skate floor and cut a rug rink.  Before this, I probably haven’t roller skated since middle school.  No, I lied… I embarrassingly admit I took a summer high school P.E. course consisting of bowling and roller skating on a weekly basis.

Either way, it had been quite some time and I had a total blast!

Adults roller skating in 80s gear

I could hold my own, but I wasn’t prepared for some of the moves Scott had in store.  I often forget he’s twelve years older than me and that he was a teenager in the 80s.  Roller skating rinks were THE hang out for him.

Look at those tights shimmer!  And… couples only skating? I’m incredibly excited just talking about it.

Couples Skating

We had a good forty-five minutes to skate our little hearts out before it was time to head out.  I perfected my cut-and-circle-reverse move, while Scott did a lot of random things.

This was one of them.

80s Roller Skating party

Oh man.  If I went to another roller skating party tomorrow, it wouldn’t be soon enough.

We spent the remainder of the night celebrating Meggan’s birthday, and I was so happy to spend some quality time with her over the weekend.  She lives in St. Petersburg, so it’s a real treat to spend a few days in a row with her.

Me and Meggan

Happy 27th dear friend!

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  1. Lisa Brown says

    Love your roller skating outfits, so fun, and bright. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing :)

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