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GTL: that was my Friday night situation before we got to yell “partyyyyyy’s here!”as we walked into a birthday party.

If you’re scratching your head with confusion, you either live under a rock, or avoid watching reality garbage on television.  I’m hoping it’s the latter.

Friday night Scott and I went to a Jersey Shore themed birthday party, and it was “the best night of my life right now” <– (J)WOWW, I’m on fire! :)

Jersey Shore Party me and ScottNATASHA SMITH //

For some reason the best part of this photo didn’t come out, but fear not my friends… I made sure to capture it again:

Jersey Shore Party me with sign(Pretty much a blast in a glass.)

For those you who are still raising eyebrows wondering what the heck I’m talking about, this party was themed around Jersey Shore: a hit (and utterly ridiculous) reality television show that debuted in 2009 on MTV.

The show follows eight self-proclaimed Guido/Guidettes who spend their summers at the Jersey Shore in New Jersey fist pumping (dancing), partying and flaunting their Italian-American pride.


They’re loud, tan, and determined to put the Italian Guido/Guidette stereotype to shame.  After Season 4 was filmed in Italy, I became convinced that these self-made millionaires are here to stay. It doesn’t seem fair…does it?  Who watches this stuff?

ME. I can’t help it! It’s a train wreck and I’m completely hooked – mainly out of sheer disbelief at some of the things they think is okay to do in real life.

You know what they say, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em… and for our friend Joe’s birthday party, that exactly what we did.

Everything was decked out Jersey Shore, starting with the colors.

Jersey Shore Party decorationsNATASHA SMITH //

Jersey Shore Party BalloonsNATASHA SMITH //

Italian pride… through and through.

Jersey Shore Party Italy themeNATASHA SMITH //

I love when parties are so well put together, nice work Jamie and Joe!

(Or should I say “The Situation” and “Snooki?”)

Jersey Shore Party Joe and JamieNATASHA SMITH //

I loved all of the details, and appreciated all of the Italian inspired party food.

Jersey Shore Party Italy foodNATASHA SMITH //

…and CAKE! This has to be one of the best themed cakes I’ve seen in person, by CakeDemensions Orlando.

Jersey Shore Party cakeNATASHA SMITH //

There were plenty of things to keep us entertained… how about a VIP red carpet photo station?

Jersey Shore Party us on VIP carpetNATASHA SMITH //

Paired with funny signs from Party City, there were sure to be plenty of photo opps.

Jersey Shore Party Me and Yana 2NATASHA SMITH //

There was a dance floor complete with black lights, glow sticks and DJ Pauly D fist pumping music.

Jersey Shore Party Dance FloorNATASHA SMITH //

Topped off with a pretty amazing birthday boy sign:

Jersey Shore Happy Birthday Guido

Doing Jersey Turnpike on the dance floor not your thing?

There was a pretty cool black jack dealer dressed fresh to death.

Jersey Shore Scott dealing cardsNATASHA SMITH //

Hey, those hands and fake tattoo sleeves look familiar…

Jersey Shore Party Scott dealing cards 2NATASHA SMITH //

Oh, hey Scott! Nice of you and your hair products to join us.

Blackjack may not be Jersey Shore, but it was a party favorite from their previous Black & White birthday party and proved to continue the tradition. Who doesn’t like to gamble with fake money? 😉

We had a BLAST and I highly recommend bringing the Jersey Shore to your next party!

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Jersey Shore Party big groupNATASHA SMITH //

Just don’t forget your FPC: Fist pump, Push-ups, Chapstick.

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  1. Jamie Casalese says

    I love your blog Heather! The write up from the Jersey Shore party is awesome…love the pics too!!! Great job :) You and Scott are so much fun…your outfits were hysterical! :)

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