Perfectly Pinterest-y Baby Shower

As some of you might have caught via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I had a pretty eventful weekend with friends and family in Jacksonville. I spent the majority of last night uploading and editing photos, and could not be more excited to share pictures and adorable baby shower ideas with you today!

Ashley got married just about a month before I did. During the entire wedding planning process, we turned to each other with questions, inspiration and ideas, advice, and most importantly an open invitation to vent to each other at any time of the day.

She is one of the first of my close friends to get pregnant, and since our friendship dates all the way back to the eight grade, the news that she is going to have a baby  hit me pretty (emotionally) hard!

We are married, and now we are starting to officially become mothers.

There are a lot of events I came down to Florida to celebrate, and her baby shower last Saturday was just the beginning! When I showed up a few hours early to help finish up the final touches, I had no idea how how perfectly Pinterest-y everything would be.

If you haven’t yet discovered Pinterest, I strongly encourage to give it a look. As long as you are okay with seeing a million DIY projects you are dying to attempt “some day” and accept you probably won’t have the extra cash or time to complete them… you are good to go!


I absolutely love Pinterest. The most I get out if it is inspiration for recipes and workouts, but I still like to dabble around in the crafts and home improvement sections every so often.

I have come to terms with the fact that I  will not get to complete the majority of the projects I pin, but I still continue to pin away. Might as well share the inspiration to others who actually will get around to them, right?

When it comes time to plan showers, events, parties, and weddings, Pinterest might be the best tool ever. You can create secret boards that only a select few people can see, and it’s the perfect way to say “this is what I am looking for” without actually having to say it and spoil the surprise. Genius!

Ashley’s baby shower was, by far, the most Pinterest-inspired shower I have been to and I fell in love with everything there.

Pinterest Inspired baby sho

Ashleys Baby Shower 50

I have a large amount of photos (and this is only half of them!), so I am just going to get to it and only chime in when I feel like something needs an explination. Enjoy!

Get Ready for a Pinning Party

Diaper Bouquet.

Ashleys baby Shower 47

Baby Girl Bow Sonogram Picture.

sonogram baby girl bow

Pink and White decorations – FREE -courtesy of Publix.

Baby Shower Decorations

They were part of a Valentine’s Day display, and when one of our friends asked what they were going to do with them after the holiday, they said put them in the trash. Holla!

 Pink and White Ruffle Cake.

by Shower Cake with Flower

The inside was cookies and cream, and the butter cream icing was out of this world! Oh, and that beautiful flower is also edible.

White Ruffle Cupcakes with Pink Bows.

Mini Cupcakes

Obviously, delicious.

Garter from your wedding day, wrapped around a floral centerpiece.

Bridal Garder for centerpiece

Heart Shaped Cucumber and Peanut Butter + Jelly Sandwiches.

ped cucumber sandwiches

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs.

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

(I have made these before!)

Mason Jar Glasses with cute straws + lemon slices.

son Jars and striped straws

Baby Name Inspired Punch.

specialty baby shower drink

Baby Shower Food

Make Your Own Baby Headband Station.

 Shower Headband Station

Such a good idea!

ke your own baby headband

 headbands at baby shower

A lot of these items, frames and flowers were purchased through Etsy.

dband Baby Shower Activity

Baby Shower Headband Station

I loved making my special headband for the baby, and even the not-so-crafty guests had fun picking theirs out and attaching a special note.

Ashleys Baby Shower 23

Diaper Thoughts.

houghts baby shower game

Make the couple laugh during those the first week of baby being home! Write a joke, advice, or encouraging words to lighten their mood while changing a dirty baby diaper.

diaper thoughts baby shower game

Baby Shower Bingo.

Baby Shower Bingo

Every guest gets stickers, and plays while the mommy-to-be opens her gifts. As each gift is opened, it is given a title and those with the squares on their sheets can put a sticker. This was great for entertainment when the gift opening process got a little lengthy.

Weekly Baby Bump Chalkboard.

Ashleys Baby Shower 44

This one had a special message for the shower, and extra art work done by an artsy friend!

aby shower chalkboard owl

 Pink Nail Polish Party Favors.

Pink Nailpolish for baby shower favor

This O.P.I. color is called It’s a Girl.

ail polish baby shower favor


Ashleys Baby Shower 46

It was so great to be able to get down early for Ashley’s shower. I have seen her belly get bigger by the week through photos, but nothing beats getting to see her and her adorable baby bump in person!

Three cheers for Ashley’s parents, mother-in-law, and shower helpers who made Ashley’s shower Pinterest-y perfect.

If you are feeling the urge pin this entire post… I am completely for it and will probably add it to a board myself.

Pin away, friends!

Ashleys Baby Shower 42

 Now we just have to wait to meet baby. Sigh.

Congratulations Ashley + Justin!

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  1. Juli says

    I’m throwing my sister a baby shower and I thought the nail polish idea was so adorable. I was wondering though, did you just buy it in bulk or just at a regular store? OPI is $9 and we are expecting about 30 people so a little high in price haha.

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