Franklin Cider Mill

Hey everyone! I hope your Thursday is going well for you. Since last Friday night, Scott and I haven’t really stopped going out and enjoying events in our area (which has been both awesome and exhausting) and I only have a few minutes to pop in and share something fun with you!

Since we have a friend visiting us and staying with us until tomorrow, we are trying our best to hang with the best of ’em and show her around our new hometown. Yesterday was our first trip to a cider mill this year and I couldn’t have been more excited about it. It’s cider (and pumpkin!) season ya’ll!

Have you ever been to a cider mill before? My first visit was just after we moved up here last year with my Dad and grandmother, and I couldn’t wait to go back and visit another with Scott. Mills around our area are only open for a few months out of the year and yesterday marked our third (and in my opinion, the best!) trip.

Franklin Cider Mill tractor

(Hey, Surely!)

Before moving up here, I kept hearing how great the fall is. The summer humidity is gone, there is a calming breeze in the air, and it is just cold enough to be able to pull off wearing jeans and a comfy sweater.

Besides the changing of the leaves and campfires, going to any fall themed place or event is one of my favorite things to do up north!

Something about going to a mill is so relaxing. All have a unique history, a giant water mill that continuously pushes water, and most are surrounded by serene nature and streams.

Franklin Cider Mill stream

Every mill is known to have fresh apples, both hot and cold cider, and a variety of special treats that often include baked goods like donuts. Franklin Cider Mill sure didn’t disappoint in the take home department!

Franklin Cider Mill entrance

Just outside the factory held a little Farmer’s Market on the outside patio filled with fresh produce, flowers, homemade jams, butters, and sweet treats.

Franklin Cider Mill butters

fresh cider apples

Franklin Cider Mill licenses

sparkling apple cider

It’s a shame that Scott and I had just loaded up on fresh fruit from the grocery store, because we would have for sure come home with at least a package or two of these bad boys any other time.

Franklin Cider Mill Apples

I can’t get enough Michigan apples when they are in season. It seems as though every single one is crispy, juicy, and full of flavor.

While I normally go for the hot apple cider, I was instantly drawn to the slush version yesterday.

cider slushie

Holy YUM. The best thing about cider is how much it tastes naturally sweetened. No preservatives, no added sugars, just straight pressed juice from fresh apples. It is ridiculously good!

enjoying cider

We can’t leave any cider visit without taking home at least a half gallon to enjoy later on. We also may or may not have enjoyed a few hot donuts they happened to sneak in our brown goody bags. (So worth it!)

On our way out, we got the itch to snap a few photos and somehow I ended up in this pose with my clown of a husband.

franklin cider mill bridge

He’s not always excited about taking photos, but when he is he likes to make a statement. 😉

Well, we’re off to go show Surely a little bit more of Detroit and I am hoping to convince them to see a movie later on and hang more on the low side tonight. I feel like I have so much to catch up on and am actually looking forward to having zero plans.

Can’t wait to share more about our recent activities with you!

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. says

    This brings back memories! I went to Franklin Cider Mill on a field trip when I was in preschool, and I still remember it!

    We have a few apples orchards around here, but no cider mills. I’m going to do my research and see if there are any in Indiana!

  2. says

    Little country visits are one of my favorite things to do in the fall, too! One great thing about the midwest :) Have you ever tried an apple cider donut? They are the best thing ever – especially when they’re still warm!

  3. says

    That sounds like so much fun. I remember cider mills when I was a kid!
    This totally is bringing back those childhood memories of drinking hot cider in the Fall. I swear there was nothing better than that.

  4. Laura says

    I found your blog through Fitnessista and am so glad! I actually just moved out to Oregon last week but am originally from the Detroit suburbs and I was so excited to see Franklin Cider Mill, I grew up near there! You’re making me so nostalgic for fall in Michigan, it’s such a great season!

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