Yellow Dog Eats

Back in December, Scott introduced me to a restaurant in Orlando I just had to try.

Yellow Dog Eats is located in Gotha, Florida which is a part of town I had no idea even existed.  Really.  I have driven by and around it a few times, but never took the time to actually look around and see its charm.

Yellow Dog Eats Outside

Gotha is a mix of equestrian and city living, and some consider it to be old fashioned.  While driving through for the first time, I loved seeing all of the historic homes and estates lined in oak trees.  If Scott and I were to consider buying a home in Orlando, this is the area we would want to start looking.

Okay, just so we’re up to speed… I heart Gotha and think Yellow Dog Eats is a perfect example of why.

Upon entering, I could already tell this place was going to be great.  Can you spot the “Hippies Use Back Door” sign?

Yellow Dog Eats Outside

Right away, there is an obvious and fun YDE vibe from the bright colors, comical signs and customer notes written all over the tables, chairs and walls.

Yellow Dog Eats

They weren’t kidding when adding the word “store” in the description, either.  Check out all of the sauces, jams and wines you can purchase.

Scott looking at merchandise at Yellow Dog Eats

The redneck wine glasses were my favorite merchandise item, but coming in a close second were the homemade dog treats.

Redneck Wine Glasses at Yellow Dog Eats

Speaking of dogs, this is the first restaurant I’ve seen where you can actually bring in a picture of your own to display on their one-of-a-kind doggy wall!

Bring your own dog photo to Yellow Dog Eats


I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille.

The Eats: Round One

Like I mentioned before, Scott originally took me here back in December.  I was waiting for the perfect time to share my experience with you, and it looks like now is as good a time as ever.

Yellow Dog Eats has a wide variety of food to choose from.  From pulled pork barbeque to gluten-free, vegan wraps and salads, there seems to be something for everyone.  All of their greens are locally grown, many of them coming straight from the garden in their backyard.

Yellow Dog Eats Outside Patio

They have daily specials, which is what Scott was immediately drawn to order.  I can’t remember the name of this one, but do you really think that matters?

Yellow Dog Eats BBQ Special

Absolutely not.

While Scott indulged in the special, I opted for the Thin Elvis: all the barbeque goodies without the bun.

Thin Elvis at Yellow Dog Eats

My plate was taken over by pulled pork barbeque, sliced bacon, red onions and scallions cradled in green leaf lettuce.  The main dish and cucumber and tomato salad were equally as exciting, and I finished every last bite on my plate.

The Eats: Round Two

Since it had been over four months, we decided to visit YDE as a treat yesterday.  We went around 12:30pm which was smack dab in the middle of the lunch rush.

Having worked in a restaurant myself, I understand how hectic that is.  Throughout all of the craziness, I noticed that the man on the intercom stayed cool, calm funny and collected.

It was Chef Fish and I have heard nothing but great things about him.  I hadn’t gotten a chance to meet him the first time we visited, but I became easily entertained by the public observations he made throughout the process of calling customers up to claim their food.

Almost every seat was taken in and outside, so we made our way upstairs to sit and eat.  Oh, there he is… Hi Fish!

Scott eating the fish

This time around I ordered the Black Lab Lunch: a spinach tortilla layered with homemade hummus, shredded carrot, red onions, scallions, strawberries, caramelized onions, cucumber, tomato, sprouts and feta in a feta vinaigrette dressing.  My lunch came with a side of Stacy’s pita chips and their homemade hummus, which was delicious.

Black Lab Lunch at Yellow Dog Eats

I also added chicken (apparently I thought I was eating for three) and… holy YUM.

Black Lab Lunch at Yellow Dog Eats

Again, Scott went with the daily special and a side of homemade beer cheese soup.

Yellow Dog Eats Beer cheese Soup

Yup, you read it right… beer cheese soup – a definite win.

While we were eating, I couldn’t help but read some of the customer infused artwork on the walls around us and came across this:

Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig

Clearly, I needed to check this out as soon as possible.  All I can say to this one is… you’re welcome! 😉

The Baby Monkey song made me so happy, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have it stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  That’s okay though, that baby monkey literally riding backwards on a (now I’m thinking also a baby) pig was so darn cute!

When lunch was finished we headed downstairs and agreed that once again we ate enough food for five people.  We told ourselves that on our next visit we are splitting a meal and saving room for dessert, since they have pastry chefs on location.  I can’t believe we still have yet to try their desserts.

While exiting, we ran into the famous Chef Fish Morgan himself and he asked us what we ordered and how everything was.  He made his way around the room and I could tell he genuinely cared about what people thought of their meals and of the restaurant.

I told him I loved everything about his place and that we will be returning in the very near future.  Picture to celebrate? Sure!

Chef Fish Morgan of Yellow Dog Eats

We (and Roadie) LOVE us some Yellow Dog Eats!

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