By no means is this a fashion blog, but I do enjoy highlighting my finds (most likely on a budget) from time to time. From what I gather, a lot of readers like to see fashion stuff pop up on the blog, too! So here we are.

Check out my monthly Fashion Favorites that feature my notable outfits and include links to pages where you might find similar items.

fashion favorites

Fashion Favorites: February 2015

Fashion Favorites: January 2015

Fashion Favorites: December 2014

Fashion Favorites: November 2014

You can browse a lot of my Fitness Fashion to see my favorite outfits for the gym and occasionally around town!

Puma Fitness Fashion Comfort Wear Fall 2014

You can also find my reviews and box breakdowns from the online styling company, Stitch Fix!

stitch fix collage cover october 2014

• December 2013 – Stitch Fix #1: My First Stitch Fix

• January 2014 – Stitch Fix #2: Second Stitch Fix for the Win

• February 2014 – Stitch Fix #3: That Time I Kept Everything

• March 2014 – Stitch Fix #4: Yes and Nos

• April 2014 – Stitch Fix #5: Just a Few Quality Pieces a Month

• May 2014 – Stitch Fix #6: May Stitch Fix Breakdown

• June 2014 – Stitch Fix #7: June Stitch Fix Breakdown

• September 2014 – Stitch Fix #8: Welcome Back, Stitch Fix

• October 2014 – Stitch Fix #9: October Stitch Fix Breakdown

• November 2014 – Stitch Fix #10: November Stitch Fix Breakdown

• December 2014– Stitch Fix #11: December Stitch Fix Breakdown

• February 2015– Stitch Fix #12: February Stitch Fix Breakdown

• March 2015– Stitch Fix #13: March Stitch Fix Breakdown

• April 2015– Stitch Fix #14: April Stitch Fix Breakdown

• May 2015– Stitch Fix #15: May Stitch Fix Breakdown

• June 2015– Stitch Fix #16: June 2015 Stitch Fix Breakdown

• July 2015– Stitch Fix #17: July 2015 Stitch Fix Breakdown


From the Archives…

(Just for fun, from my early blogging days!)

I am all about assembling outfits that are fun, classy (but sassy), a little funky, and get inspired by everything under the sun.


Stella & Dot Accessories Arm Party

Fashion Favorites

Fashion Favorites - Skinny Belts

Day to Night

Mixing Patterns

Polka Dots + Stripes Accessories

Wardrobe Staples

nude pumps and slingbacks

Black & White Party Flare

Fashion B&W Party Flare