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Check out the sub-menus for specific fitness-related categories. Below you will find original workouts, fitness posts, fitness reviews, and group fitness class reviews.

Be sure to check out the Fitness Favorites page for all of my latest activewear and fitness equipment must-haves!



What’cha lookin’ for? You can find all my workouts broken down into categories.

The Cardio Workouts page includes all of my favorite personal go-tos for the treadmill, elliptical, and cardio circuit workouts. Workouts on this page range from 15-35 minutes long.

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The Circuit Workouts page is a mix of my original workouts you can complete at the gym or at home. Most of them require little or no-equipment and go through a series of circuits you repeat.

Here are some additional workouts that have been popular on the blog!


Strength & Weight Training

15 Minute Arm Workout with Dumbbells

30 Minute Total Body Circuit Workout (Dumbbells)

30 Minute Total Body Dumbbell Strength Circuit

Booty Blaster Cardio + Lunges Workout

T&A Chest + Booty Circuit Workout

Upper Body and Core Superset Workout

Train Like an Angel: Arms Workout

Upper Body + Core Superset Workout

Another Awesome Upper Body + Core Superset Workout

Look out for more coming soon!



I have a slight love affair with running outside. The Running & Race Recaps Page covers my experiences and stories training for half marathons as well as race day recaps.

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Workout Playlists

The Workout Playlists Page features my favorite music and playlists for running, half marathon training, and workouts. I am a huge fan of Spotify and have all of my playlists from 2014 and later available for live streaming!

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I love checking new types of group fitness classes and personal training programs. Here is what I have covered thus far!

Barre 54 (Orlando, Florida) <- my former teaching grounds!

Dance Trance (Orlando, Florida)

Fitness Pilates (Life Time Fitness)

Insanity with Shawn T. (Powerade Event, Orlando)

Life Barre (Life Time Fitness)

barre54 with friends

Power Yoga (Life Time Fitness)

Pure Elements Barre (West Bloomfield, Michigan)

Rock City Fitness Personal Training (Rochester Hills, Mighican)

X-Tend Barre (Equilibrium Pilates Studio, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)

X-Tend Barre Studio (Rochester Hills, Michigan)


Fitness Related Posts

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10 Reasons To Start Running 

10 Things You Need To Train for a Half Marathon

10 at-home circuit workout roundup

Stretching After Running

Warm Up Stretching Before Running

Workout Gear for Winter Running


Fitness Reviews

You can find a whole collection of fitness apparel and shoe reviews on the Reviews Page!

Here are the workout programs, equipment, and DVDs I have tried and reviewed:

cathe Xtrain workout DVD

Armour39 Heart Rate + Performance Monitor

Cathe X-Train Review

HIIT It! (Fitnessista’s book) Review

PEAR Sports Workout + Coaching App

Polar FT60 Review

The North Face Mountain Athletics App

The North Face Mountain Athletics App Update

Timex Ironman GPS ONE+

Timex Inronman Run X20 Digital GPS

Soli Beat – Sage Dance Fitness DVD