What I Ate Wednesday #99

honey garlic chicken on salad with eggs

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for your virtual hugs, messages, and sweet comments left on yesterday’s post. Documenting our journey to start a family has been really therapeutic for me, and hearing that I have brought up and discussed things on the minds of so many only gives me more reasons to keep… 

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A Letter To Friends Dealing With Pregnancy Envy

scott and heather riding bikes in chicago

I have to admit that as someone who thought their time to dive into motherhood would have come years ago, pregnancy and baby photos are not always an easy thing to see. I am going to be completely honest and say that six months ago, it was hard for me to even click on them. I have… 

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Renaissance Festival 2015

Renaissance Festival Michigan 2015

Hello! As promised, I have a full recap of our day at the Michigan Renaissance Festival to share today. Check out what we were up to before we arrived for the first part of our #DetroitDateNight adventures if you’re so inclined. A trip out to Holly isn’t technically Detroit, but the point of our D-themed date… 

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Weekly Workouts & Un-pictured Meals

weekly workouts & healthy meal ideas - lifeinleggings.com

Good afternoon! Today I wanted to introduce a new type of post that could easily turn into a weekly series feature on the blog. Every now and then, I will receive a message asking what my normal weekly workout routine looks like. Just like a “typical day of eating”, this is answer varies from week… 

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Eastern Market & Afternoon at Stoney Creek

Eastern Market Detroit - Shed 5

Good morning friends! I hope you are checking in after a fun and relaxing weekend. Ours became a lot busier than I anticipated, but I loved it. I started my Saturday morning teaching at the gym, and then Scott surprised me with a (daytime) #DetroitDateNight. Wanting to explore even more of Michigan and the city of Detroit, we… 

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