Sweet & Spicy Cream Cheese Dip

Scott and I have been Fringing for the past few days.  We’ve spent our nights in theaters enjoying a variety of live shows.

I’ll do a list of must-see shows on Thursday, but until then you can check in with what we’re up to by following my tweets.

The Orlando Fringe artists are a little but sweet, and a little lotta’ bit spicy.  This combination reminds me of a recipe I need to share…

Scott is known to bring tasty (out of the ordinary) dips to parties.  Last week, we re-vamped the traditional red pepper jelly and cream cheese combination dip.  It was such a hit, the only leftovers were scooped up right away by my parents to enjoy for the following few days.

No sweet and spicy left for us.

Sweet & Spicy Cream Cheese Dip


1 jar red pepper jelly

16 oz. (2 boxes) cream cheese

1-2 teaspoons hot sauce (Sriracha)

prep time: 10 minutes

servings: enough for a party!

Note: You can choose between red pepper jelly, hot jalapeno jelly, or use a combination of both.


Place jelly in a blender or food processor.

Slowly mix until jelly has a fluid consistency.

Mix Jelly in blender

Set aside.

Cream Cheese for dip

Mix cream cheese in a small bowl until texture is light and fluffy.

Cream Cheese first

Stir in 1/3 cup pepper jelly and 1 to 2 teaspoons of hot chili sauce.

Adding Red Pepper Jelly to dip

Our favorite hot sauce to use is Sriracha.

Adding Sriracha

Mix well.

Mixing cream cheese

Transfer half of the cream cheese mixture into a small serving bowl.  This is the first layer of dip.

First layer of dip

Layer 1/3 cup pepper jelly by carefully spreading it over the cream cheese mixture.

Layering Red Pepper Jelly for dip

Add the rest of the cream cheese.

Layering Cream Cheese for dip

Finish it off by gently spreading the remainder of pepper jelly to the top.

Red Pepper Cream Cheese Dip

Serve with your dipping crackers of choice.  Wheat thins, rice crackers and even tortilla chips taste great with the sweet and spicy combination.

Sweet & Spicy Cream Cheese Dip

I recently tried this dip with two different flavors of tortilla chips: Tostitos Hint of Lime and Hint of Jalapeno.  The extra flavor in the chip really compliments it, and I couldn’t put the stuff down!

I guess that’s not the worst problem to have.



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