Morning Wins

belVita breakfast bites bicsuits

Hi friends! How are you doing today? I’ve got a nice and hot cup of coffee paired with a warm breakfast, so I’m doing pretty fantastic. Scrambled eggs mixed with egg whites and a side of whole wheat toast and jam. Coffee topped with milk (love my milk frother!) and a sprinkle of cinnamon. This morning,… 

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February Stitch Fix Breakdown

stitch fix february review

Hi friends! Gosh, this week is flying. How is it Thursday? I guess I am feeling more pressure than normal because the new site is scheduled to launch on Monday! Yep… this coming Monday, as in four short days from right now. Are y’all as excited as I am? I have literally spent all of my free time glued… 

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HIIT It! Book Review & Giveaway

grocery shopping money saving tips

Are you still looking for that extra push to help you up your health and fitness game this year? To my friends both already into healthy living and looking to get into it, I have something that just might help you finally make that baby/huge/awesome/possibly scary step. I recently received HIIT It! by my good blogging friend,… 

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15 Minute Tabata Workout

15 minute at home tabata workout

Life can get pretty crazy around the holidays. There you are, bouncing around town, trying to tackle your to-do list and complete a million tasks on time. We can easily veer off from our normal routines by trading in balanced meals for sugary snacks and treats from co-workers and friends. We become so involved in buying presents… 

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