That Time We Went Hiking, Kind Of.

Good Morning, and a very Happy (Belated) Father’s Day to all the two dads reading this to start your Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend with loved ones to celebrate.

With every holiday that comes and goes since we’ve moved away from Florida, comes a mild case of the blues… mostly for just a small portion of the day, but no matter what I try to distract myself with, they always show up when I least expect it.

It was rough being away from my family yesterday. Even though we didn’t spend every weekend together when we lived close, we gathered as a group frequently, and I’m still getting used to being away from them on days where I know I would normally be with them.

It’s a bummer… but at least I’ve got my men up here to keep me company! I just love them so much.

running with roadie on father's day

That was right after a run around and through the trials before dinner yesterday. But before I get to ahead of myself, lets back up a bit to Friday!

I spent most of the day on the computer trying to update some things around the blog.

I was in dire need of a tune up on the ‘ol About page, so I started there which turned into wanting to work on twenty other updates I’ve been meaning to get to. Before I knew it, Scott was home from work and we needed to be out the door.

Sometimes the consecutive hours I can spend doing blog-related updates without realizing how long I’ve been doing them is mind boggling. I wish all work days were like that!

Anyways, I’m excited to share two things about Friday’s dinner with you.

One is that it was a weekend and I ordered (mostly) health consciously, and two is that I finally got on board with brussels sprouts.

It only took me several years of trying them before I buckled down and committed to ordering a brussels sprouts salad while dining out.

brussels sprouts salad at griffins claw

This one is from a new-to-us place in Birmingham called Griffen’s Claw Brewing Company.

They had about a million house made brews to choose from, and of course I was the jerk who ordered a glass of red wine. Whoops.

I’m just not a beer girl. They almost had me at Screaming Pumpkin (which was surprisingly available well before the fall), but I got nervous I wouldn’t like it and stuck to what I knew. What a cop out.

The salad, on the other hand, was something completely new to me and was delicious all the while impressing me as a menu option at a brewery.

All was going well until I heard the words “brownie sundae.” Once I knew the option was out there, I was done and quickly consumed about eighty percent of it on my own when it arrived.

brownie sundae at griffin's claw

I guess I was only partially ridiculous this go around. Eh, you win some you lose some.

Saturday started with a fail of sleeping past our 6 a.m. wake up call for our Hope Water Project group run.

As much as we hype ourselves up for it, it’s just so hard for Scott and I to get up and going at that hour after a night out on Friday. I wish they were set back to 8 a.m. like when we started, because that extra hour is such a game changer.

Cutting our losses, we woke up a few hours later ready to head out to a Pistons event, until we caught wind that it was cancelled.

A full Saturday with nothing on the calendar?

This almost never happens, so I made sure to take advantage of the morning down time. I started a new series on the blog and enjoyed my coffee by the window while creeping on squirrels with the kids.

saturday morning coffee

That quickly turned into a mini-marathon of Scandal, which we somehow ended up right into the third season of. Funny how that happens when you have an army of furry snuggling buddies holding you hostage.

cali snuggles watching scandal

Just after Noon, we got productive and Scott whipped up a tasty new-recipe batch of egg salad I’m excited to share with you later this week!

healthy egg salad sandwiches

It was healtified yet fantastic, just like I requested it to be. 😉

While he was in the kitchen, I was playing catch up on studying. I’ve been really, really bad at staying on my pre-determined schedule I gave myself, so I had a goal of catching up and stayed true to it.

studying for NASM with notes

It felt great, and I might have found a new strategy in tackling this book and online videos I’ll have to let you in on!

In between chapters, I cleaned up around the house and assisted Scott in unclogging our bathroom sink. That was probably the furthest thing from enjoyable… times twelve thousand. Gross.

He also fixed our garbage disposal and then later on brought his handy work over to our friend Alex’s who just moved into a new place!

scott can be handy


He definitely earned his pretend Father’s Day card this year!

Sunday was supposed to start with that run we missed out on the day before, but once again, sleeping in sounded way more appealing.

We headed off to church and returned home by Noon to start on more projects around the house including a complete clean out of our bathroom cabinets and drawers.

A half an hour and two rumbling bellies later, we took a break and treated ourselves to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican spots called Miguel’s Cantina.

We started with a few servings of corn chips and homemade salsa and ended with chicken, steak, and shrimp fajitas to split.

fajitas at miguels cantina

I asked for corn tortillas and took the majority of the guacamole.

chicken steak shrimp fajitas at miguels cantina

We stopped at Five Below on the way home in hopes of finding some bins to help us organize.

We were lucky and also found some amusement on the way.

funny t-shirts at five below

funny shirts from five below

I seriously love that store!

organizing under the sink

We made it back to finish the bathroom organizing and I spent a little more time studying before we decided to take the pup for a run on the trails. It was absolutely gorgeous out!

the trails during the summer

This time we mixed it up a bit and made a turn to stop at an overlook.

scott and roadie running the trails

Our goal was to get down to the water to let Roadie drink some, and accomplishing that was quite comical.

At least all the trouble was worth the view, right?

i'm dressed like a man

Nope… not the one of me dressed like a man (and apparently in the same exact t-shirt as Scott that I’m only now realizing)… this one!

trails overlook

And then… we went hiking.

hiking with roadie

We returned home with just enough time to give the monster a bath before putting more egg salad sandwiches together for dinner and catching what turned out to be the end of the NBA Finals.

roadie after a bath


Go Spurs! That may sound weird coming from someone who technically works for another NBA team, but I would be rooting for any team to beat the Heat. I’m sorry, but three consecutive years in a row is plenty, LeBron.

I have a feeling this much relaxed and do our own thing kind of weekend won’t be seen again for a little while. Next weekend we will be in Florida and have potential travel plans right when we get back for the next one!

(Per usual, I’m linking the marvelousness up with Katie.)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and I’ll see you back later this afternoon with how I perfected the art of harboiling eggs. Woo hoo!

Questions of the Day

• Are you a fan of brussels sprouts?

• What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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    I would LOVE to know your plans/hints for tackling that book!! As a current student, I get SO overwhelmed with all of the studying I have been doing (it may also have something to do with 3 kiddos running around!) and any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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