It Snowed On Earth Day & Spicy Ramen Noodles

Well, hello there! Is it already Thursday? I am seriously in awe at how fast the weeks and months are going by these days.

I have been picking up more work at the gym, so I guess that explains the decrease in work on the blog front. I still find a few moments in my day to check in with y’all, but it’s just not the same as planning and putting together useful content as often as I aim to do. I hope you all can excuse my lack of workouts and enjoy catching up on life with me until I find a balance again!

So, on that note, here’s what has been going on over in our neck of the woods…

I started my Wednesday with breakfast as soon as possible. I woke up hungry and ready for something substantial as soon as I walked downstairs!

ezikiel bread with peanut butter bananas and chia seeds for breakfast

Ezekiel (wheat and gluten-free) bread with peanut butter, bananas, a drizzle of agave nectar and a sprinkle of chia seeds

I spent the entire morning working on a freelance article until it was time to get ready to leave for the gym around Noon. I dedicated about three house to working on different projects there, and finally walked over to Quiznos for lunch before an appointment at 3:30.

quiznos turkey lite meal

Turkey Lite on wheat with all the veggies, a side of Baked Lays chips, and unsweet tea mixed with raspberry lemonade

I was so hungry! I usually get an 8″ sub and save half of it for later, but this time I stuck to the 5″ and opted for sides. Gosh, I forgot how delicious their raspberry lemonade is. I’m sure it has more sugar than five slurpees, but it’s so worth it.

I worked on the computer another hour after my appointment, then decided to complete a workout of my own. I bounced all over the gym using a ton of equipment, and it felt amazing to get back to lifting!

total body workout with stability ball and ab mat

Like clockwork, Scott arrived as soon as I finished to pick me up and take me to the mall. I needed to visit The North Face store for an upcoming campaign, so we decided to go together and make a night of it.

Even though it was freezing, we stopped to admire Mother Earth for a moment on our walk in.

scott on earth day

(Happy Earth Day!)

We eventually made it to the store, and it took me a little while to pick out one outfit. Everything was very cute, colorful, and practical! I loved this Women’s Flow Tank, and would have went for it if I was still teaching barre classes in Florida. Instead, I picked out a warm jacket and leggings (duh) to power me through running on the trails, which you’ll see more of next week.

north face moutain athletics gear

I was ready to eat my arm (again) after we left the store, so we agreed to head home. We were brainstorming what sounded good for dinner, and I was all ready to whip something quick and random for us to enjoy at home, but then… we passed Soho.

A nice hot dinner accompanied by unique Korean hot tea flavors hit the spot!

korean hot tea

Honey ginger hot tea (left) and honey jujube hot tea (right)

Scott ordered a sushi roll for us to split, but I wasn’t all about this one. He recalls it as a Tokyo Night Roll, but don’t quote us. He loved it, I just wasn’t a huge fan of the spicy tuna on top.

sushi roll with spicy tuna

That’s okay though, I was more than happy with my choice of the Spicy Ramen Noodle Bowl.

soho spicy ramen noodle bowl

I have been craving them lately! I asked for chicken instead of the beef or seafood option, but I’ll probably ask for just the shrimp next time. My nose runs and I have to chug water because of the spiciness every time, but it’s so, so good!

In an attempt to tweak the mango key lime pie recipe I mentioned yesterday, we stopped by a marketplace to re-stock on key limes on the way home. It had been snowing off and on throughout the day, and it was finally coming down hard.

snowing in april

Snowww. In late-April? C’mon Michigan, I thought we were past this nonsense…. just, no.

It’s a good thing my belly was warm from the noodle bowl and tea, right? Sheesh. #whathappenedtospring


All right, I’ve got some projects to get to before I head out to the gym for the day, but I hope to check back in with you guys later on. Have a wonderful Thursday!


Questions of the Day

• What is your favorite meal to turn to when it’s cold outside?

• Is it snowing anywhere close to you? (Please tell me we aren’t the only ones!)

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