Eastern Market & Afternoon at Stoney Creek

Good morning friends! I hope you are checking in after a fun and relaxing weekend.

Ours became a lot busier than I anticipated, but I loved it.

I started my Saturday morning teaching at the gym, and then Scott surprised me with a (daytime) #DetroitDateNight. Wanting to explore even more of Michigan and the city of Detroit, we deemed our series of weekend outings in the D a monthly (or so) tradition. One of us is in charge of going to a new activity followed by a new-to-us lunch or dinner location, and it was Scott’s turn to plan this time!


Eastern Market – Detroit


I got home from work around 10:30 a.m. and made the biggest breakfast scramble ever. I was already halfway through my plate when Scott told me he had plans for us, which included a bit of food. We lounged for the next hour or so, then were on our way out the door!

We drove into the city right around Noon. I figured out that we were going to Eastern Market as soon as I saw people walking towards a general area while carrying bags, carts, and even wagons.

Eastern Market Detroit - Shed 5

The market takes place in six different areas called sheds, and we started at Shed 5 since it had a few food trucks parked out front. I sincerely regretted my decision to stuff myself with breakfast once I saw the choices for lunch. Full, I passed on ordering something for myself, but I did take a few generous bites of Scott’s loaded macaroni and cheese from Mac Shack!

loaded mac n cheese from mac shack

Man that was good. I had my heart set on grabbing an iced coffee, and the two of us set out without any other plans in mind.

Eastern Market Detroit

Every Saturday, this multi-acre space is filled with farmers offering the season’s freshest fruits and vegetables, handcrafted food makers, local artists, musicians, and more than 150 vendors during peak months!

eastern market flowers and shrubs

The market is also open to the public more days of the week, especially during Michigan’s harvest season.

eastern market fresh produce

We brought cash with us and decided this was the best time to stock up on fresh produce for the week. We made our rounds through all of the vendor tables and took advantage of some pretty great deals on everything from romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, to peaches, blueberries, and honey. And check out these purple bell peppers!

michigan purple bell peppers

We wanted to get a few of those, but it was a little chaotic at that checkout.

The website says the market is open until 4 p.m., but everything starts closing down around 2:30 or so. We actually came at a great time! A lot of the vendors started tearing down their tables and were offering fantastic deals on their produce. Yeah buddy!

I finally found a coffee station on our final loop out. I can’t remember exactly where I found it, but it was in one of the bigger areas (probably Shed 3?) leading back out to where we entered.

heather at eastern market detroit

We each left with hands full of grocery bags, and we have already been putting the produce and market goodies to great use!

After the market, we made a quick trip home to drop the produce off and were on our way to the second part of our day as soon as you could say Michigan Renaissance Festival.

michigan renaissance festival

Stay tuned for more on that coming soon!

After an eventful day, Scott and I spent the night in watching a scary movie on Netflix (have any of you seen Dark Skies? Whoa. It’s a good one!), making homemade popcorn (the best), and turning in early.

We were able to sleep in on Sunday (also the best), then attended our normal mid-morning church service. We’ve been spoiled by being able to rely on coffee and bagels for breakfast from the church lobby every week. This week, however, there weren’t any volunteers to run the stations. It was on purpose, and went along with the sermon all about the importance of volunteering.

With coffee and bagels on the brain, we couldn’t help but to stop for some for a late breakfast on the way home.

bruegger's bagel bakery rochester, mi

A friend took me to Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery in Rochester ages ago, and I remembered how good it was as we passed by. We instantly pulled a U-turn and enjoyed our picks outside.

bruegger's bagels everything bagel

Unlike my normal breakfast sandwich go-to, I ordered a toasted everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese. It was glorious.


Stoney Creek Metropark


Scott had a rock climbing event to get to mid-afternoon (I told you… he’s all into it), so we ran home, changed into hike-friendly clothes, and grabbed Roadie to set out for a hurried trip to Stoney Creek Metropark.

stoney creek picnic areas by beach

Scott and I have been a few times, and we can’t believe that we don’t take advantage of our annual park pass more often. Since we had Roadie with us this time, we were happy to find out that dogs are welcome in most areas, as long as they are leashed and stay off the beaches.

We parked by one of the main beaches (we really need to return and enjoy it while it’s still hot out) and embarked on a three mile loop through a new trail.

stoney creek trails

We were looking for the Fitness Trail that takes you through a series of exercise stations as you walk or run, but we ended up in the middle of the woods instead. My navigation skills are pretty impressive y’all. No worries though, because we found this little view.

stoney creek trail water view

It was beautiful!

stoney creek hike by the water

Roadie isn’t a big swimmer, but he does like to dip his legs into the water and walk around with the water about up to his belly.

roadie swimming in lake

He loved it!

roadie looking out at lake

We would have stayed a bit longer if Scott didn’t need to get off to his next weekend outing. Even though our trip to the park was cut short, it felt great to be outside, and all parties in attendance were very appreciative of the fresh air.

stoney creek trails with roadie

We walked back to the car, drove around to find even more things to explore on our next visit, and vowed that we will use our pass at least once a week while it’s still warm out.

Here’s hoping we stick to that plan!




Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you again later this afternoon. Happy Monday!


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