Weekend Snapshots & Commonwealth Café

Hello! How is the new week treating you so far? I hope you were all able to have somewhat of a fun and relaxing weekend.

So, I am checking in a bit later than normal (again) today. It is what it is. Hopefully the ridiculous dog faces made you smile if you clicked over looking for something new this morning!

Since I’ve delayed enough, let’s jump right into some highlights from the weekend. Per usual, my plans included a little bit of fitness, a little bit of rest, and a lot of eating!



Slowly starting to feel human again, I decided to join the mid-morning small group class on my break at the gym.

Rock City Fitness Rockit Workout

I love when workouts incorporate different equipment like jam balls and sand bags. I got through five rounds of both circuits, but definitely noticed that I was moving a lot slower than normal.

polar ft60 after class at the gym

Oh well… I was done and sweaty in 30 minutes!

I drove home to change, went back to the gym around lunch time to get some work done, and then headed home again mid-afternoon.

Friday late-afternoons are usually my time to clean the house, so I got through as much as I could before I needed a nap. Still fighting my less than average energy from being sick, I gave in and allowed my body to rest until I had to get ready to go to a friend’s house.

casual friday night outfit

I joined a small group of women to check out a new-to-me line of natural skin care, and ordered a couple of products I am looking forward to trying out in the next few weeks!



Saturday can be summed up pretty quickly…

Lots of rest.

Work on the computer.

Sex and the City re-runs.

Running errands and a car wash.

Pistons game with friends!

The Detroit Pistons played the Chicago Bulls Saturday night and the stands were packed. Unlike most games, Scott wasn’t able to guarantee tickets for me, so I was grateful that he came across four nosebleed suite tickets at the last minute!

It was the highest I had ever been up to watch the Pistons play a game, but it was also pretty cool to see everything from that angle.

gloria gaynor at detroit pistons halftime

Gloria Gaynor, famously known for her 1978 hit I Will Survive, performed at halftime for 70s night and was in on an incredible surprise that involved an American Soldier returning home to his family. As soon as he came out, I was balling all the way up in my 300 level suite seats.

After the game, Scott and I joined a small group of friends for a late dinner at Buddy’s Pizza.

Buddy's Pizzeria 5 best pizza places food network

Scott and I have loved this place since our first visit the week we moved up to Michigan in October 2012. They are known for their delicious square pizzas, and the restaurant is recognized as one of the Nation’s 5 Best Pizza Places by the Food Network!

We try to order something new every time we visit, and this one started with an Antipasto Salad for the table.

Buddys Pizza antipasta salad

It was fabulous and completely addicting. I finally tore myself away when our specialty Sicilian Pizza arrived and found something new to face plant into.

Buddy's Pizza Sicilian Pizza

Um… YUM.

Three slices later, I was incredibly full and one hundred percent happy with every bite.



We kept things pretty low-key on Sunday. Scott had two events to attend in the morning, so he picked me up around 11:30 which was just enough time to catch the late service at church.

With the sun shining bright, I was excited to finally break out some of my spring wardrobe!

spring denim fashion

After church, I found out that Scott had the afternoon free from practice (woo hoo!), so we took advantage of his time off and drove out to Birmingham to try a new place for lunch.

Commonwealth Café is an adorable coffee, bakery, breakfast, brunch, and lunch spot many friends and even readers have suggested we check out!

Commonwealth Cafe Birmingham

I’m so glad we finally did. Commonwealth is unique in its atmosphere and mostly from scratch in-house made menu.

You order from the front and get a number to sit down at a table. We ran into a couple of friends from church on our way to ours, and they had plenty of positive things to say about the place. They actually met at the restaurant and continue to stop in every couple of weekends!

Commonwealth Brunch

Scott ordered the Chorizo Hash (which was delicious) and I ordered an omelet off of the specials menu filled with chorizo, queso, and homemade mango salsa that was served with a side salad. Already set on my coffee for the day, I ordered a Chai Tea Latte, which was great, but it didn’t hold a candle to Scott’s C Latte. His was iced, so I plan on trying it hot the next time we return.

The two of us sat and ate pretty quickly while we took in the environment. I didn’t get many pictures, but I did snap one of their vintage art on the walls.

vintage art at commonwealth

Commonwealth is a casual, unique brunch spot I would recommend to anyone looking in the Birmingham area!

We only had a couple of hours before Scott needed to be back at the arena, so we enjoyed talking on our drive home in the sun. Three cheers for what finally feels like the beginning of spring!

Scott and i driving in the sun

Scott caught up on some of his recorded March Madness games, and I drafted up a couple of posts for the next couple of weeks.

march madness arkansas unc

Itching to get back outside, I took Roadie for a long walk around the neighborhood and found our Canadian geese friends have returned after the long, painful winter.

canadian geese in our neighborhood

We love walking up to the pond and watching them. They like us too… from a distance.

Scott left for practice around 5:30 p.m. and I drove up to the grocery store. I love feeling somewhat prepared for the week ahead after a weekend re-stock on groceries.

Craving soup, I used a collection of random ingredients and threw the laziest attempt at a new recipe together that actually turned out quite good!

making healthy vegetable soup

I plan to check back in later this afternoon with the recipe!


All right. I better get going. I’ll see you again soon after an appointment at the gym!

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What was one highlight of your weekend?

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