What I Ate Wednesday #85 & Black Lotus Brewery

Hi friends! How are you doing today?

I apologize for being late to the blogging game again today. I have unintentionally taken a step back from my normal twice-a-day blogging schedule this week, and I’ve missed you!

I planned to catch up a bit yesterday after work, but Scott had other plans for us. We ended up taking a surprise and spontaneous date night to somewhere new. Rather than explaining twice, let’s just dive right into the eats below…

(Have no idea what What I Ate Wednesday is all about? This post breaks it down!)


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday



My Tuesday was a busy one!

It started with an early wake up call to take Aspen to the vets. She had a 7 a.m. appointment to get her teeth cleaned since she has more dental concerns than the other two furballs. I hate having to put her under anesthesia to get a cleaning, but it seems necessary at this point in her kitty life to control her tartar build up and receding gums. She was a trooper!

I poured and ate a quick breakfast as soon as I got home.

cascadian farms cinnamon crunch cereal with blueberries

Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Crunch Cereal with blueberries and organic skim milk

breakfast cascadian farms cinnamon crunch

I started typing my morning blog post and it turned into the word explosion on happiness you saw yesterday. I’m so glad some of you like reading those Coffee Talks. I really do enjoy typing them up!

I spent some time with Scott when he woke up (the season’s over… I have a husband again!) and decided to make up my planned run outside with a workout at the gym later on. I got a call that Aspen was ready to be picked up around Noon, so I grabbed a Clif Energy Bar to snack on while I drove.

Clif energy bar chocolate chip

She did great! Even though they had to take x-rays, no teeth needed to be extracted.

aspen on laundry

I love my little Super Troo-paw. <3

I had about fifteen minutes to get ready to train at the gym and throw something together to eat, so I found anything I could whip up in the refrigerator for lunch.

olive and mediterranean bruschetta with spinach on corn tortillas

Two corn tortillas smeared in Greek hummus with spinach, Olive Mediterranean & Tomato Bruschetta from Whole Foods, and a sprinkle of feta cheese

I  knew it wouldn’t hold me over too long, but it was delicious!

I had an afternoon appointment at the gym, followed by a meeting. I was pretty hungry by the time 4:30 rolled around, so I popped over to Quiznos and grabbed my favorite sub for what I thought would be my early dinner.

Quizno's turkey lite sub

Turkey Lite on wheat bread with “all the fixings”. They love when you say that. Ha!

I scarfed down the entire thing right before my 5 p.m. client walked in the door (charming, right?) and then remembered why I shouldn’t do that. Holy bloat, Batman.

Anyways. We had a great session, and then I taught a circuit class. By the time those two hours passed, my stomach finally settled and it was time for me to do my own workout.

rock city fitness weight room

The weather has been so beautiful lately, and I have loved being able to have the back door open during our sessions and classes for fresh air!

Looking for a challenge, I went ahead and tried out the workout of the day for the next class I was teaching and almost died.

Rockit workout of the day

Okay, I didn’t die, but I almost lost my Quiznos. I got through four rounds of each side in just over forty minutes before I needed to take a breather and get ready for my last class of the day.

Scott ended up coming to the workout! It was great to have him in the gym again, and he definitely got a challenge out of the workout as well.

I was all set on having a small snack for dinner #2 before hitting the hay “early” by 10 p.m., but Scott had other plans for us. I love that he likes to surprise me, but I can’t honestly say I was excited to go anywhere at that point. Instead of complaining about wanting to be a grandma, I showered and put my big girl pants on to see what was in store.


Black Lotus Brewery

We drove down the road to a new-to-us area called Clawson and found a fun little brewery that features live music almost every weekday.

black lotus brewery

Black Lotus Brewery is a casual brewing company and restaurant that serves local and handcrafted brews. Since I’m not big on beer, I kindly asked the waitress if they served cider and she brought me a Zombie Killer to drink in a fancy glass.

zombie killer cider

The drink is locally made and bottled in Ferndale, Michigan! It’s apple cider with honey and cherry juice, and every bit of heaven you’d think it to be. It’s only sold in nineteen states, and you can find locations to buy bottles here if you’re interested in trying it for yourself. (Do it!)

They have an impressive menu with an extended list of burgers and unique menu items. If I went hungrier, I would have picked one!

Black Lotus build your own burger menu

Scott and I ordered a side of sweet potato fries to split while we listened to the jazz band play two sets.

black lotus sweet potato fries

jazz band tuesday night detroit

(Hey, Dan!)

And I eventually ordered a bowl of Turkey Chili for dinner #2.

turkey chili black lotus brewing co

We were highly impressed with the quality of food, especially for a brewery! We loved the music and atmosphere, and plan to visit again soon with a group friends. Thanks for getting me out of the house and onto enjoy a great night, Scott!



So yeah… I didn’t plan on eating my face off yesterday, but it looks like that is exactly what came about. Such is life. That’s the beauty of documenting What I Ate Wednesdays, right? You just never know where the day will take you or what you’re going to get!


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See you later!

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