The Easiest Protein Pancakes You’ll Ever Make

I have been a long time fan of protein pancakes, ever since I first discovered the concept while working at a breakfast restaurant about seven years ago.

The only way I was able to stay full throughout hours and hours of serving was to show up early and power up with a protein-packed breakfast. Often times, I would arrive at least 30-45 mins. before my shift, just to ensure I got in a good meal in before the day started.

My beloved breakfast place was known for its huge and fluffy pancakes. They were literally the size of my head, and filled with everything delicious from chocolate chips, bananas, and granola to pumpkin around the holidays! When I realized my waistline also started to show my love for them, I knew I needed to find different alternatives to enjoy pancakes as often as I’d like.

It wasn’t long before a co-worker introduced me to protein pancakes. Somehow, we talked our cooks into making us protein pancakes with a base of oatmeal and eggs. Sometimes, I would ask for a regular or whole wheat pancake (smaller than the standard full plate size), and hand the cook a scoop of my favorite protein powder to mix into the batter. This way, I was getting plenty of protein and carbs to start the day!

While both of these options are relatively easy, why make things more difficult?

About Time Protein Pancakes

Ladies and gents, may I present the easiest protein pancakes you will ever make!


They’re as simple as 1…

About Time Protein Pancake Mix - Cinnamon Swirl

(Measure your desired serving size: 1/2 cup makes 2 pancakes.)


easy protein pancake mix - About Time

(Add water or milk – get creative and add bananas or chocolate chips! – and whisk.)


healthy protein pancake mix

(Cook on stovetop for about 2 minutes, or until mix gets bubbly, then flip.)

easy protein pancake mix

Top your cakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup for breakfast, or leave them dry to take with you to snack on later! I have been loving these cakes for both meals and snacks lately.

healthy protein pancakes

healthy and easy protein pancakes

As a full disclosure, I am teaming up with About Time to try out their newest products in the protein department, and I was sent two containers of their new protein pancake mix.

I’m pretty sure I actually squealed when I read the label and saw the words “protein pancake mix” together, and was excited to dig into them as soon as I could!

About Time Protein Pancake Mix Cinnamon Spice

Protein pancakes… already combined and ready to go, y’all. These are so convenient and right up my alley! I have been enjoying the Cinnamon Spice flavor, but they also come in Chocolate Chip. (I know, I’m drooling too.)

protein pancakes with berries

Enjoy these easy-to-make whole grain protein pancake mixes with a whopping 21 grams of protein in each (1/2 cup) serving! See more nutritional facts here.

About Time Protein Pancakes review


If you are interested in trying out this Protein Pancake Mix or any other About Time products, make sure to take advantage of a 25% off discount by using the promo code: fitfluential!

Be sure to keep up with what’s new with About Time by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, and get in on the Twitter chat tonight (June 16th) at 9 p.m. EST by following the hashtag #TryAboutTime!


Questions of the Morning

• Have you ever tried protein pancakes?

• What kind of breakfast holds you throughout the day?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of About Time.

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