Weekly Workouts & Healthy Meal Ideas #7

Good morning! I hope you’ve had a great start to the week so far.

In case you’re catching up around here, I introduced Weekly Workouts just short of two months ago. My intentions are not to just to share my own workouts, but also to hopefully inspire you to try something new at the gym or in your fitness plans.

Just to throw this out there, I have received a few comments concerning the intensity of my workouts while we are trying to conceive. I appreciate the concern (really, I do!), and I figured I should address this here as well for any of you who may be thinking the same thing.

Before I started posting my weekly workouts, I went about six months without doing any kind of high-intensity workout at all. Truth is, I was scared that anything I was doing was affecting my chances of getting pregnant. Even demonstrating certain exercises at the gym freaked me out. After talking to my doctor, there’s nothing I should be afraid of. I’m not introducing anything crazy-new into my routine, I have backed off of running long distances (my max is now five miles), and I take a lot more walks (versus runs) than I used to.

For a while, I was just doing low-impact strength training. In fact, this was all I did for about eight months until I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I felt like I was being overcautious, and I wasn’t happy. I missed getting my heart rate up and being able to run without feeling out of shape, so I incorporated HIIT workouts back into my schedule, just not during my week of ovulation. Eleven months later, here we still are. And my doctor supports everything I’m doing. I could probably taper down more, but I’ve decided to just “do me” for a few months before I go back to tracking, taking ovulation tests, and starting hormone treatments.

It’s exhausting. I need a break. If something happens, it happens. But for now, and considering the possibility that our lives could completely change at a moment’s notice, I’m taking it.

That said, no two weeks of my workouts are the same, and last week was definitely on the lighter side. I didn’t intend on taking three (practically four) rest days, but it just panned out that way. Whoops!

weekly workouts - life in leggings

If you’re not into running, check out my Cardio Workouts page for more cardio workout ideas as well as the Circuit Workouts page for more bodyweight, dumbbell, and in-gym workouts!


Weekly Workouts

(September 28 – October 4, 2015)


• Monday – Rockit Class

Oh my goodness you guys. This one was a doozie!

I wrapped up my appointments at the gym right before the last class of the day. When I found out there was only one client signed up, I took it upon myself to join her since I wasn’t teaching. She appreciated the company and we completed a circuit called “Powerhouse 99” that goes in a pattern of:


99 mountain climbers

99 bicycle twists

99 squat pops

99 second wall sit

9 push-ups


88 high knees

88 Russian twists

88 lunges

88 second plank

8 push-ups


and so on all the down to… 11 reps of exercises and 1 push-up.

I’m not sharing the whole workout with you because it was insanely challenging. I was literally sore for three days, and there weren’t even weights involved. I made sure to do plenty of foam rolling afterwards and for the next few days.

foam rolling piriformis

If you’d like to try different Rockit class workouts, see my previous Weekly Workouts posts linked at the bottom of this page!


• Tuesday – REST

I was planning on running on Tuesday, but my body just wasn’t feeling it. I took it as a sign to throw in a rest day, and I don’t regret it one bit.

why rest days are important

You can’t get hard on yourself about “skipping” a workout every now and then. Check out my thoughts on why you need rest days in your workout plan every single week!


• Wednesday – Pure Barre Class (in the park!)

It was my first time taking a barre class outdoors, and I absolutely loved it.

Barre is a total body (55 minute or less) workout that concentrates on the areas that women struggle with the most: hips, thighs, seat, abdominals, and arms. Any time someone asks me how to achieve a “lean dancer’s body”, I steer them to barre or Pilates workouts.

pure barre in the park class rochester mi

By no means do you have to be a dancer to take class. I was hooked after my very first class, and I always encourage people to give barre a try three times before saying it’s not for you.


• Thursday – REST


• Friday – 4 mile walk with Roadie

I spent a lot of my extra time last week working on games and crafts for my friend’s bridal shower. I didn’t really feel like running (again), so I grabbed Roadie and enjoyed a nice long walk through the trails.

roadie on the trails

This is a recycled photo, but they’re all pretty much the same. 😉


• Saturday – REST


• Sunday – 12 Minute Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

I almost got sucked into another rest day. Clearly, I didn’t need it, so I asked Scott if he wanted to join me in a quick 12 minute workout before getting ready for bed and he was game.

I love this one!

12 minutes or less do-anywhere bodyweight circuit workout

This circuit takes you through 5 total rounds that drops in reps each time. Start your first round with 20 reps of each exercise, then repeat with 16 reps, then 12 reps, and so on.


Healthy Meal Ideas


I like to end these posts with some healthy eats that didn’t make the blog over the course of the previous week. Here are some clean and colorful meals you could (very) quickly throw together!


 A speedy breakfast…

cottage cheese and apples for breakfast

Low-fat cottage cheese topped in sliced apples and a ton of cinnamon

My version of a healthy Southwest salad from Wendy’s…

southwest chili salad

Romaine lettuce, green and red peppers, tomatoes, Amy’s chili, crumbled corn tortilla chips and shredded cheese

Gluten-free goodness…

gluten free pasta with apple chicken sausage

Sam Mills Gluten-Free Cheddar Broccoli Pasta Sides topped in apple chicken sausage and Parmesan cheese

And leftover sweet potatoes in my salad…

salad with sweet potato and beans

Spring mix, red and green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potato cubes, black beans, and black olives drizzled in oil and vinegar


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Have a great Tuesday! I’ll see you back here in just a bit.


Questions of the Morning

• What is your favorite 1 hour class workout?

• What is the easiest meal you’ve made lately?


Generally, I try to complete some kind of class, circuit, or strength training workout 3 days a week and get in at least a few (3+ mile) runs for cardio. There was point in time where I went the gym to exercise 4-5 days a week and completed a long training run (8+ miles) on the weekends, but that hasn’t been what I’ve been up to in quite some time.

In short, it is important for me to stay healthy and fit, but I am not planning on running races or pushing my body towards intense training right now. If you would like to know the longer version – read on.


Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian. Although I am a certified personal trainer, I am not necessarily your personal trainer. The workouts I post are what work best for me and might not be the right type of exercises for you. If you decide to give these workouts a try, please listen to your body and rest or modify as you see fit. I always recommend consulting a doctor or health professional before making changes to your diet or fitness routine.

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