20 Hilarious Healthy Living Funnies

Well this morning started on a fantastic note…

Let the over-usage of pumpkin in my meals officially commence!

pumpkin protein pancake for breakfast

With it being October and all, I am feeling extra love for Fall and decided to break out the pumpkin already.

This is my absolute favorite version of a protein pancake (so far), and if you are one who enjoys #allthepumpkinthings, then, well… my work here is done. Do yourself a favor and make one.

protein pancakes with pumpkin


Also rocking my world right now is a new 80’s playlist I’m currently putting together on Spotify. Okay, fine. For those of you who are persistent on resisting the Spotify train (stop), here you go…

There will always be a special place reserved in my heart just for 80’s music. Without fail, even one great throwback will always put me in the best mood. And word to the wise… I don’t go out very often these days, but if you mention a casual pub of the sorts known to play music of this genre, I will be there with my neon scrunched bells on. No doubt.

Since I am far from wanting to get to my training run today, I thought it would be fun to help start all of our days on a lighter note with a collection of humorous someecards all healthy living enthusiasts will understand.

20 Hilarious Healthy Living Someecards

As I was perusing Pinterest last night, I stumbled upon a great collection of someecards from Skinny Mom I felt the need to share. You go, Skinny Mom.

And, please tell me I am not alone in laughing out loud to most of them.

Because this happens on a daily basis…

funny healthy living someecard



clean eating funny someecard


Story of my life.

funny treadmill someecard


If so, I would weigh a scary 80 pounds… or something.

running late someecard


 Priorities people.

funny workout someecard


Last weekend? And the one before too? Yikes.

healthy living funny someecard 6


You can also add “outside at-home” to this one.

funny office workout someecard


I actually like cardio, but know a lot of you would appreciate this.

cardio someecard funny


There’s never anything good in there.

funny healthy living funny 10


I’m really good at recovering from this. “You killed it!!”

funny marathon someecard


I’ve always been a party girl at heart.

healthy living someecard 7


Stop trying to win, it’s not going to happen.

funny running someecard 2


(Unless you’re a guy. Then you usually do. Sigh.)

Now you know why we have have two sets…

funny workout someecard 3


Except I’ll go with “8 Mile”, just to freak people out…

funny workout someecard 5(Detroit reference, anyone?)


Honest Hour.

funny running someecard


We’ve all thought this.

body fat someecard


Don’t act like you’ve never done this.

funniest workout someecards


Me every day after a workout at a “real gym”.

funny someecard about working out


Good luck with that, bro.

funny instantiy workout someecard


Too much fiber (or pizza), perhaps?

funny truth about healthy living



Sorry, I really felt a need to share all of these with you, and hope your day got a little brighter because of it.

It’s time for me to actually be productive now. See you all later this afternoon with a workout playlist that isn’t 80s!

Questions of the Morning

• What is your favorite music decade?

• I’m still working on it, but any vital 80’s hits I’m forgetting?

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