Shoppe-ing Around The Vitamin Shoppe (#FitHappens)

The following post is brought to you by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe. While I was compensated to share my experience, all thoughts and opinions about the store and products are 100% mine. I hope you enjoy the peek into my “shoppe-ing” spree!

I do my best to love and embrace living a healthy lifestyle, and, as most of you know, being healthy is so much more than keeping fit and eating clean. To me, healthy includes cheat days, rest days, an occasional glass of wine, and fueling your body with vitamins and supplements to ensure you are getting everything your body needs to perform its best on a daily basis.

I don’t get overly into vitamins or supplements, but I have been taking a general multivitamin to fill in the gaps my diet may be lacking over the last decade or so. For this reason, I don’t get to specialty vitamin or health stores all too often.

I did, however, get the opportunity to “shoppe” around The Vitamin Shoppe with a $100 gift card yesterday!

heather hesington vitamin shoppe fitfluential ambassador

Even though there is a location right down the road from us, I don’t stop in nearly as much as I should. I couldn’t tell you why, either. They are stocked with anything and everything a health and fitness lover could ever want or need.

Vitamin Shoppe rochester michigan

I mean, really… have you ever been into one of these stores?

Scott's strong at vitamin shoppe

Besides every vitamin or supplement you could think of, they offer a wide variety of personal care, beauty, kids, and even pet care products! Before yesterday, I had never been into a store long enough to notice much of their inventory, but they carry a little something for everyone.

For women…

vitamin shoppe body wash and lotions

For men…

vitamin shoppe mens beauty and skin care

For the fur kids…

vitamin shoppe pet care

For herb and oil lovers…

Vitamin shoppe herbs and oils

For all the peanut butter fanatics (me!)…

vitamin shoppe specialty peanut butter and mixes

And much, much more for the athletes, health, and fitness enthusiasts out there.

Since I already had quite the protein powder and energy bar collection at home, I gravitated towards other sections to fill up my cart. Funny enough, the only times I had ever visited a Vitamin Shoppe before this trip was to pick up protein powder or GU Energy gels or chomps for training and long distance races. Who knew they sold allllll the things?

It didn’t take long for Scott and I to fill my basket and go to the register knowing we probably spent more than $100. We ended up checking out with a variety of new snacks, drinks, and vitamins to try with a $25 bill (past the gift card)… not too shabby!


Here’s a look into what we picked up:

Coconut waters! The first thing I flocked to was a refrigerator full of them. I’m really looking forward to trying the Cocotein (I had no idea that was a thing) and Nawgen drinks.

vitamin shoppe coconut waters and nawgan drink

Next, I went over to the snacks and remembered I like jerky on the rare occasion I eat it. I’ve been wanting to try the new Krave flavors, needed to replenish my chia seeds, and let Scott select the teas and Iceland natural spring water. Intriguing, no?

vitamin shoppe snacks krave jerky chia seeds tea and iceland water

I picked out an ear wash I could use on Roadie and the girls. I am super weird about all of our ears being clean. It’s just one of my things.

ears all right ear wash for pets

And finally, I stocked up on the vitamins I regularly use. I chose a general daily multivitamin for both Scott and I, and a sweet employee helped me pick out the other two to help me in the healthy and long hair department. It’s a constant struggle.

vitamin shoppe brand vitamins and supplements

By the way, all Vitamin Shoppe and Bodytech products are BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF until May 9th!

I definitely took advantage of that sale. You should too!

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go on this shoppe-ing spree. Until now, I really didn’t think of Vitamin Shoppe as a place to get much beyond, well, vitamins and protein bars, and powders. Now I know they offer so much more to compliment any heathy and active lifestyle.

Thanks for the care package of goodies and for sponsoring this trip, Vitamin Shoppe!

And thank you, friends, for reading. <3


Have you ever visited a Vitamin Shoppe store?

What goes into your cart when you visit these types of shops?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Vitamin Shoppe.

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