Friday Favorites #104: Week of 8/28

Hello, and a big Happy Friday to you!

I am really looking forward to this weekend. After tonight, Scott and I have busy and exciting weekend plans with different sets of friends. Some include seeing one of my college buddies who happens to be visiting The Mitten for work, and I’m so pumped to get to spend some quality time with her. I’ll be sure to share the highlights of our whereabouts next week.

Getting right to business, let’s move on to this week’s edition of Friday Favorites. As always, I invite you to share some things you have been loving at the bottom by utilizing the comments section and link up tool!


Friday Favorites #104: Week of 8/28

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• Zara Terez leggings & Bombas athletic socks

Most of you probably remember my new found love for Bombas athletic socks I shared not too long ago. Knowing my obvious adoration for leggings, I received another few pairs of socks (I can’t stop wearing) along with a cute pair of Zara Terez leggings from my sweet contact at Bombas, and I have some great news for you guys!

zara terez leggings and bombas socks

I had never heard of the Zara Terez brand before, but I am really digging it. Below I am wearing the Womens Battle Ropes Performance Capri Leggings (in a Small for those who ask what sizes look like – they fit pretty true to size). The leggings are made of 80% polyester, 20% spandex, and are as comfortable as I’ll get out. I also love the performance qualities of the material that include anti-odor, moisture-wicking, and stain release capabilities.

zara terez leggings

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Zara Terez leggings and/or on a few pairs of Bombas socks, you can currently get 20% off your order through Monday!

The brands have partnered up, so make sure to enter the following discount codes upon checkout to take advantage of the deals:

  • Receive 20% off at with the code LifeinLeggings20
  • Receive 20% off at with the code Leggings20

I hope you enjoy both as much as I do!


• green things

With a temperature high of 61 today, I am starting to give up on true summer weather and appreciate any hot day we see. Little by little, I am also starting to notice the leaves disappear from the trees, and what was once bright green is now more of a muted green. Fall is coming!

green grass and trees

As much as I love fall (it’s my absolute favorite season up north), I am doing my best to soak in as many green things as I can right now. Before long, the autumn hues will be here!


• mango salsa

I casually mentioned my love for a new mango salsa this week, and here it is. Have you ever seen or tried Garden Fresh Gourmet Mango Peach Salsa?

garden fresh gourmet mango peach salsa

If not, you really should. While I am usually a fan of spicy salsa, sometimes a little sweet is where it’s at. This tub lasted a total of three days around our house, and it even inspired us to make a fresh homemade version of our own hopefully sooner than later. Delish!


• POPSUGAR Must Have Box

First of all, I was so incredibly honored to have been named POPSUGAR Select’s Blogger of the Week last week! As I was scrolling through my emails, I opened one from POPSUGAR and found a feature at the bottom highlighting a short bio of yours truly with a Life In Leggings shout out. It was a fabulous surprise!

I received another surprise in the mail from my friends at POPSUGAR over a month ago, and I never got around to sharing it with you guys until now. It’s their July Must Have Box!

POPSUGAR must have box

I realize we are already close to September (yowza!), but I thought you would still appreciate a sneak peak into the goodies and like to hear what this box is all about.

POPSUGAR started selling a monthly subscription service called the POPSUGAR Must Have Box to provide a box of beauty and lifestyle items anyone reading this blog would love. You never really know what you’re going to get, and it could be anything related to fashion, beauty, food, fitness, home, and more.

Since my box was sent in July, the theme was inspired to help a sister out with essentials one might need for a beach day, travels, and even Fourth of July plans.

POPSUGAR must have box goodies
The July 2015 box included:

POPSUGAR must have box review

How It Works:

  • Pick a plan: sign up for a subscription, packages start at $39.95 a month
  • Unwrap your full-sized box of surprises each moth
  • Enjoy your new discoveries!

You can always see what past boxes look like by visiting their Box Reveal page. All are valued well over $100 and include treats I would personally love to try! Also, I think it’s neat that Lisa Sugar (POPSUGAR Founder & Editor in Chief) personally hand picks the items that go into each box. You’re essentially trying out her monthly “Friday Favorites” if you will.

While I don’t personally subscribe to the service, it looks like a great one to have. Who doesn’t love surprises in the mail every month? Thanks again, POPSUGAR!


• liquid aminos all purpose seasoning (natural soy sauce alternative)

Have you ever heard of replacing soy sauce with liquid aminos? I hadn’t until just a few months ago, thanks to our friend Ryan. I’m so glad he introduced it to us, because it tastes exactly the same as regular soy sauce, and is so much better for you.

Made from certified non-GMO soybeans, Bragg Liquid Aminos is a great addition to any food, from salads to fish and everything in between. The seasoning provides 16 essential amino acids without the addition of table salt or preservatives. Anything you want to know about the product vs. regular soy sauce can be found here.

liquid aminos all purpose seasoning

This portion of the post is anything but sponsored… I just really, really love this product. You can buy it online or find it in most health food store retailers like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s! (Plug over.)


• apples on our run

As you can probably gather from my “green things” photo above, I have also been trying to soak in as many outside runs as I can before the weather really takes a turn to cold. It’s the perfect temperatures for running right now, and it is also the very beginning of apple season!

apples straight from the tree

A couple of weeks ago, Scott showed me a little treat on our normal running path in the form of an apple tree. Any time we are on our way back from a longer run and need a sugar boost, there they are. The apples are pretty small and taste a bit sour, but they are still very enjoyable after a few miles. It’s the little things, right?


• favorite LIL posts

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scott and heather riding bikes in chicago


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• Friday funnies

We’re wrapping things up with a little tribute to the feline fur babies out there (since all the doggies got some love on National Dog Day!)


funny cat meme with bread


funny cat picture



funny cat meme



Hahaha, yes it is.


Your Turn


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Have a great weekend!


Disclaimer: Friday Favorites is a series of posts that features items I genuinely want to share with you. While #FFavorites isn’t sponsored, affiliate links may appear from time to time. As always, any support is much appreciated! <3

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