New Summer Music For Your Workouts

Hello, hello! I’m so glad you guys liked the stability ball workout I shared this morning. I’m still a little sore from completing it in a hurry yesterday, but I love it.

Are you looking for a little motivation to get you moving in (or even outside) the gym this summer? I’ve got a fresh new batch of tunes you can rock out to on your next workout or run!

I was going to wait until the Fall to roll out my next workout playlist, but I couldn’t help myself. There’s just so many songs to share… must. make. all. the. playlists.

Below you will find a compilation of songs I have been loving and breaking a sweat to over the past couple of weeks. Here’s hoping they inspire you to get your blood pumping too!

2015 Summer Workout Music Playlist

(You can stream and even download this exact playlist here.)

If you want to start with this (continued Summer) playlist, simply scroll down until you see “Cool for the Summer” and press play. I didn’t include the cool down song on this list since the complimentary version of Spotify shuffles playlists, but I am obsessed with it.

(And, while we’re on the subject of cooling down… please don’t skip this important part of your workouts. Check out my tips on stretching if you need some ideas on how to recover after an intense workout or run.)

piriformis (glutes) stretch

Enjoy the tunes and have a great rest of your Wednesday!




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Question of the Afternoon

• What is your favorite song to jam out to lately?

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