July 2015 Stitch Fix Breakdown

It’s time for a peek into last’s month fashion fix! If you are new to the blog or concept of Stitch Fix (<- affiliate link) check out my first review for all the details.

The company has become quite popular over the past year or two, so you might even be able to see more reviews by scrolling around Bloglovin’, too.

As much as I love the service (and you can see all of my past reviews at the bottom of this page), I have decided to take the rest of the summer off from fixes. I’m not unhappy with the company or service, but Scott and I are really watching our budget right now.

Considering I spend most of my days in leggings or training clothes, Stitch Fix has been a way for me to update my “dinner and date nights out” wardrobe, and right now, that doesn’t really take priority in our lives.

I receive a lot of great feedback on the Stitch Fix reviews I share, so I just wanted to be clear and explain why this will be the last one you will see for some time. I’m hoping to get my fix subscription back later this year.

That said, it’s time for July’s breakdown!


stitch fix review july - summer - life in leggings


July’s fix included:

This Papermoon Burns Crochet Detail Knit Tank: $38.

stitch fix papermoon burns crochet detail knit tank teal green


This Romolo Rania Metal Spike Necklace: $28.

stitch fix romolo rania metal spike necklace gold


This Papermoon Holland Zipper Detail Blouse: $44.

stitch fix papermoon holland zipper detail blouse green


This Skies are Blue Kalista Textured Dress: $44.

stitch fix skies are blue kalista textured dress purple


And this Papermoon Violeta Scallop Detail Blouse: $44.

stitch fix papermoon voileta scallop detail blouse black

(see back details below)


The first thing I tried on was the textured dress. I wasn’t super thrilled about it, mostly because I could tell it wasn’t going to fit or do much for me.

stitch fix skies are blue kalista textured dress


Had it have been a bit smaller, I can see how it could be adorable dressed up with accessories. And speaking of accessories, I went ahead and put the metal spike necklace on. I loved it!

stitch fix romolo rania metal spike necklace


It’s adjustable, so you can change the length of the necklace from short to long, depending on what you’re wearing. I kept it, and have worn it once, but I am sad to report that one of the clasps broke. Every time I want to wear it, I have to fight to get the chain reconnected, and sometimes it doesn’t stay. It’s a shame, because I really do love the look and functionality of it.

Next, I put on a pair of grey skinny jeans and had all three tops left to try on. I absolutely loved the crochet detail tank…

stitch fix crochet detail knit tank


(and especially the details of the back – I should have grabbed a picture), but I couldn’t justify spending $38 on it. I’ve seen styles like this at Target and stores like TJMaxx plenty of times, and know I could find something similar at a better price if I was really looking for it.

I thought the scalloped back detail on the black blouse was really cute, however, the fit was just a little big for me.

stitch fix papermoon violeta scallop detail blouse


You can’t really tell in the photo, but I was swimming in it on the sides. I wasn’t crazy about the $44 price tag on this one, but had it have fit better, I might have considered it.

The final item I tried on was the zipper detail blouse. I loved the stripes, colors, fit, style, and zipper in the front.

stitch fix papermoon holland zipper detail blouse


I’ve already worn it a handful of times and think it is a great addition to my summer wardrobe.



I had a little bit of credit saved in my account (thanks to you guys!), so I ended up checking out with a $28 necklace and $44 blouse (minus the $20 styling fee, minus $52 in credits) at a grand total of $0. You can’t really beat that!

Thanks for stopping by to read my review. I enjoy putting these types of fashion posts together, and I hope to get back to ordering and sharing more fixes soon!


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Disclamer: Although I included an affiliate link at the top, this post was not sponsored. I pay for my service and the clothing on my own, and wanted to share the company with you because I enjoy the service. I do get a small credit towards my fixes if you sign up using my referral link, and some affiliate links are included. As always, any support is greatly appreciated! <3

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