Girls’ Night at Bonefish with FIRE + ICE

Ever since I can remember, my sister has always asked to dine out at Bonefish for her birthday. I enjoy my meal and experience every time I visit the restaurant, but I’m finally starting to understand and share her obsession.

I recently got invited by Bonefish Grill to try out their new FIRE + ICE Pre-Fixe Menu. I was given a $50 gift card to use while dining in, and took full advantage of the opportunity for a treated dinner out earlier this week!

Bonefish Grill Troy Michigan

I invited my best friend, Alex, to come along, and it was so nice to sit back and relax while chatting over a nice dinner during the work week.

Heather at Bonefish Grill

Before I even arrived, I got wind of their new Blueberry Cold Snap Cocktail that comes served in a glass entirely made of ice! I couldn’t help but to order it. Intriguing, no?

Bonefish Grill Ice blueberry drink

A house-made infusion of fresh blueberries + Reyka vodka, organic Art in the Age Rhubarb liqueur + lemon. Finished in seasonal fashion with a hint of lavender bitters + aromatic lavender stem.

I’m not usually a cocktail person (I prefer wine with dinner), but this one was light, refreshing, and delicious. I could have easily had several.

Instead, I saved room for dinner since the menu we came to try included three generous courses. Alex and I each ordered an entreé off of the pre-fixe menu that came with a house salad for an appetizer.

Bonefish house salads and bread appetizer

We were impressed by the salads that featured unique ingredients like hearts of palm and Kalamata olives. The bread came with a dipping oil and a butter warmer, which was a nice (fire-y!) touch as well.

Alex ordered the Shrimp + Scallop firepot that I almost chose too.

Bonefish Shrimp + Scallop firepot

Jumbo shrimps and scallops finished firepot style, served with rustic cut vegetables and Yukon gold potatoes. Finished with spring sugar snap peas.

Wanting to try more from the menu, I decided on the Cold Water Lobster.

Bonefish Grill Cold Water Lobster

Steamed and seasoned lobster served with warm drawn butter, crispy smashed Yukon Gold potatoes and spring sugar Snap peas.

The lobster was great, but the potatoes are what surprisingly stood out! They were coated with some kind of seasoned breading that tasted phenomenal. I gave one to Alex to taste and happily ate the rest.

We were already full before it was time for dessert, but our dinners also came with two orders of the DIY doughnuts.

Bonefish DIY donuts

Croissant-like doughnut holes, tossed in cinnamon sugar with a side of sea salt caramel, chocolate sauce, and homemade whipped cream.

I got them the last time I visited Bonefish, and they were just as dreamy as ever. While talking with our waitress, we learned that this location did away with the squeeze bottles after they got ruined in the dishwater. Even so, the dessert was still fun to dip and bite. I will definitely be ordering them again soon!

My time at Bonefish is always pleasant. Thanks to a reservation, I was seated in the main dinning room right after we walked in, and everyone from the hostess to the wait staff was extremely nice, informative, and accommodating.

Bonefish with Alex

I want to give a special shout out to the store manager at the Troy location, Sandra. She took this photo for us and stopped by throughout our meal to make sure everything was perfect. She was very sweet and we felt very taken care of!

Thank you, Bonefish, for gifting me the opportunity to try out the new FIRE + ICE menu. Starting at $19.90, it’s a wonderful three-course experience at a great value!

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