Train Smarter With The North Face Mountain Athletics App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The North Face. All opinions are 100% mine. I hope you enjoy hearing about my experience with the Mountain Athletics App and take advantage of the awesome giveaway opportunity at the bottom!


I have really been loving a new training app this week.
It was created by Mountain Athletics from The North Face, and goes right along with line of versatile training gear I shared last month.

the north face mountain athletics app review

You can download this app for free on your iPhone, and it includes tons of unique features like training videos that demonstrate proper form and technique, a workout session timer that reinforces rest time, and key badges you can earn during your training programs. You can also share your goals and progress with friends via social sharing!

I was asked to pick a Mountain Athletics Activity that suit me the best, and since I have a few races on my radar this summer, I went with running. I loved the other options available though. The general fitness, climbing, and skiing programs looked fun, too!

The North Face Mountain Athletics training app

Each program takes you through six weeks of workouts in order to prepare you for an event, climb, or goal activity. After selecting running as my activity focus, I was given four workouts per week that include a mix of running, stretching, and strength training.

I went through my first workout on Tuesday and loved the structure! It started with an overview of everything I should expect from the workout, and gave me the option of previewing all of the exercises with detailed video descriptions and technique cues.

The North Face Mountain Athletics workout

Since I am a personal trainer, I felt comfortable with the exercises without having to dive into them too much, but I can see how this would be super helpful for those who aren’t as familiar with the proper techniques and moves.

walking lunges with kettlebellswalking lunges with kettlebells

My workout included three segments: warm-up, strength and conditioning, and cool down sections that took me about thirty minutes to complete.

It was short and sweet, but I could already tell I was training key muscles to help me become a faster, stronger, and more efficient runner.

weighted sit up

At any point in the workout, you can access the video references of exercises. Most of them require equipment you would find at any standard gym like weight plates, kettlebells, and/or dumbbells. This one also required a barbell for front squats.

front squat exercise

The second workout has me doing a warm-up with air squats, sit ups, and and stretches before a two mile run. I’m pumped to get out there and get it done, and I am really looking forward to using the Mountain Athletics App as a tool to track my progress in training this summer!

The North Face Mountain Athletics App

I feel like a lot of you guys would love this training program, too. Need a little fitness pick me up or motivation to get outside? Give it a (free) go!

By the way, you still have a chance to enter to win a $500 gift card to The North Face!

Enter Competition


Good luck, and thank you so much for your support. <3


Check out the Mountain Athletics line from The North Face available in stores and online, and don’t miss an opportunity to train with professional athletes at FREE Mountain Athletics events here. I don’t live close to one of these cities, but if I did, I would be all over it!

Download the Mountain Athletics Appmake sure to follow The North Face on Twitter, follow the #ITrainFor hashtag, and Check out The North Face, Facebook for even more!

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