Afternoon of Fresh Air

I hope you have all had a great little Wednesday! Mine has already flown right by, so it seems.

I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, or the fact that winter looks to be officially out of sight, but I am in the best mood today! I’m sure I am borderline annoying, but I just can’t help it. Spring is in the building, y’all.

trail running in the spring

Or… outside the building. Whatever. You get it.

I took Roadie for a run through the trails before coming in to work at the gym today, and I am definitely still riding that post-run high. It’s so stinking beautiful out!

trail running in spring

trails overlook with roadie

Roadie had the biggest smile on his face the entire time, too. We walked and ran through an easy 4 and a quarter miles. He’s such a great little running partner!

roadie on the trails

I wore shorts on this run (hallelujah!), but actually felt a tad too hot with my long-sleeved tech shirt. It might just be time to break out the tees!

We made sure to stop and take a few breaks along way, just like we always do. Roadie kept cracking me up by plopping down on the grass and rolling around like a maniac.

roadie tangled and rolling in the grass

“Look momma, the grass is back!”

He probably tangled his feet in his leash a total of thirty five times, but I just kept letting him do his thing. Smell and roll on, my outdoor loving friend. He’s hilarious and makes my days (and afternoons outside) so much brighter.

I didn’t have much time to doddle when we got back inside. I quickly blended lunch and went upstairs to get ready for work. It had been a hot minute since I made a smoothie and I will have to repeat this one. It was delicious!

whey protein dark chocolate almond milk smoothie

Cookies ‘n Cream whey protein, dark chocolate almond milk, 1/2 a frozen banana & ice

I continued to sip on my smoothie as I got ready to leave, and am now coming to you on a break at the gym. We have the back door open again, and I can’t get enough of the weather in the mid-60s today. Spring… please stay forever!

After a long Michigan winter, today was a much needed breath of fresh air. I told you… I’m super annoying talking about it this week. You’ve been warned. Here’s hoping it sticks around for good this time!


Questions of the Afternoon

• What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

• Have you been able to partake in activities outside?

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