Another Winter Workout Playlist

Hello from warm and sunny Orlando, Florida!

running outside in florida

Despite what the amazing ambiance around me suggests, it still is technically winter around here. After living in Michigan for three winter seasons now, I almost forgot what it feels like to a lot of (lucky) people living south of us around this time of year.

In my home city, February equals palm trees and sunshine.

florida palm trees

February equals (less) frizzy hair with lower humidity levels.

February equals “cold” enough weather to bust out a zip-up hoodie, which is also known as the absolute perfect weather for running outside!

(I made a quick trip back home to be able to enjoy some quality time with my family. We spent the last two days in St. Augustine visiting my mom’s side, and I plan to share more of that part of the trip later this week.)

As soon as we walked back into the doors of my parents’ house last night, I changed into running clothes on a mission to take advantage of a free winter evening in Florida. My parents hopped on their bikes and I laced up my running shoes en route to make a couple of loops around the neighborhood. It had been over a month since my last run outside!

I told them to pedal forward so I could stop by the neighborhood beach and really soak it all in.

running by the beach

(I swear, my legs aren’t that white… but the fact that they look see through is pretty funny.)

(It’s an unfortunate lighting angle or… I really am that white. Either way.)

florida palm trees and beach

Between the weather and beautiful sunset views, this was the best four miles I have had in a really long time. I was also in an extra peppy mood, thanks to the new additions to my latest running and workout playlist.

Every season, I compile a bunch of upbeat songs that do a great job of pumping me up to go for a long run or complete a workout. I previously posted the first edition of my Winter Workout Playlist right after the New Year, and thought it would be a great time to share the rest with you today!

winter 2015 running workout playlist 2

Listen Online

You can always access and listen to all my playlists on my Spotify profile.

If you want to start with this (continued) playlist, simply scroll down until you see “You’re On” and press play. I didn’t include the cool down song on this exact list, since the complimentary version of Spotify shuffles playlists.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great Tuesday!


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What is your favorite workout jam right now?

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