Thinking Out Loud #7

Good afternoon! I hope you’re having a great one.

Mine is jammin’, thanks to the awesome #ThrowbackThursday playlist I’m listening to.

I’m sorry… 2gether? I totally forgot about that “band”. The fact that I used know every single word to this song is hilarious. Or how about this one? Why. That’s just all different levels of ridiculous. Ha!

Anyways, I wanted to check in with you guys for a few reasons.

aspen works out with me

(One of the three furry workout buddies I usually have around.)

One is to let you know that the workout I shared this morning is on point.

It’s what I like to call a “lazy girl’s workout”, meaning you can do it in the comfort of your living room and involves a lot of rest time. Even so, it still proved to be effective and burned a decent amount of calories in 35 minutes. I will be turning to it again in the future, I’m sure!

at home bodyweight workout

After my workout, I cleaned up and came back downstairs ready for lunch. About that…

Have you ever tried cottage cheese as a salad topping?

salad with eggs and cottage cheese

Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, bella mushrooms, green peppers, two hardboiled eggs, cottage cheese, and feta cheese topped in fresh ground black pepper and drizzled in a cilantro lime dressing.

You totally should.

salad with cottage cheese and eggs close up

It sounds super weird, but after seeing my dad and grandma do it earlier this week, I became very intrigued and wanted to try it for myself. It’s pretty good, y’all. Just trust me.


Want a couple of more randoms for the road?


• Scott took my car to drive today, left me his, and I’m not okay with it. 

I mean… I know we’re married and what’s yours is mine and mine is yours, but… would that bother you? I like my car. It’s my car. That’s your car. If I wanted to drive a bigger one (in the snow), I would have chosen a bigger one for myself. Right?


• I applied self-tanner for the first time in weeks today…

And it makes me feel slightly better about myself. Coming from Michigan and wearing shorts in Florida this week was a huge wakeup call. I don’t think I have ever been this shade of white before. Spring, if you could come along and show your beautiful face soon, that’d be great.


• I actually miss the treadmill.

I never thought I would, but now that I don’t have every day access to one, I miss it. We’ve got a stationary bike at the gym, but nothing compares to a good set of interval sprints to get my blood pumping every now and then. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.


• I can’t listen to this song without picturing the Happy Hands Club from Napoleon Dynamite.

I’m sorry. I just can’t.


• Go-to snack of the week = a sliced apple dipped in peanut butter.

(Plus another straight spoonful of peanut butter right to my mouth, for good measure.)

sliced apple with peanut butter

It’s kind of the best healthy snack ever. That’s all.


So yeah… those are just some Thursday Thoughts for you.

All right, I better go. I have some things to catch up on before an evening of training work unfolds. I’ve got a video chat with a web-based client followed by a trip to the gym to teach a circuit class. Don’t worry, I’ll make it home just in time for #TGIT.

Have a great night, and I’ll see you back here first thing tomorrow morning with Friday Favorites! <3


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