Healthy To-Go Snacks For Road Trips

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If you aren’t too excited about all of the not-so-healthy food you might indulge in on vacation, you might want to kick-start your next road trip with a handful of healthy snacks.

Packing nutritiously filling snacks (as opposed to candies, sugary foods, and empty calories) is just as important as packing your toothbrush. Stay on top of your game and fully energized with foods that are great for you!

The list you see below contains everything I packed for Scott and I to snack on throughout our twelve hour drive to Missouri earlier this week. We ended up eating everything, which made it easier to keep driving without having to stop for full meals every few hours.

Generally, you could pack the contents of this list without a cooler. If you plan to leave your car for a significant amount of time, however, I would suggest keeping the fruit, cheese and coconut water chilled with an ice pack!

healthy to-go snacks for your next road trip


• trip-friendly fruits

Fresh fruit is an obvious healthy snack choice, but you might want to consider certain fruits that won’t spoil quickly when taking it with you or away from from a refrigerator for hours at a time. You might want to say clear of strawberries (unless you slice them and keep them in a cooler), and think more apples, bananas, oranges, pears, grapes, cherries, and peaches.

health roadtrip snacks fruit

If you’re not sure what will keep well without a cooler, visit the produce section of the grocery store. Anything in the middle and outside the refrigerators should be good!


• celery & peanut butter (to-go!)

Celery and peanut butter is a great and nutritious snack that can potentially get messy. If you have any jars of peanut butter that are getting on the low side, you can stick some sliced celery sticks right there in the jar!

celery sticks in peanut butter snack

As long as you don’t leave the jar in the heat (or in the car for more than an hour or so), you could enjoy this snack on-the-go and throw the sticky container away when you’re finished.

healthy snack to go - celery and peanut butter sticks

Slice, dip, twist the lid, and voila!


• lightened-up popcorn

Popcorn is an easy snack to grab for any travel. Pop your own bag of your favorite brand, or even go a little lighter by using SmartPop. If you want to pack your snacks even quicker, go for a pre-popped bag of Skinny Pop.

smart pop popcorn

Skinny Pop is free from artificial flavors, GMOs, gluten, and tastes delicious at 150 calories per serving. I could easily eat half a bag in one setting, and to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it.


• nuts & almonds

Flavored or even plain and unsalted, a handful of almonds are a must for me to have on hand when my next meal could be hours away. I can always count on Blue Diamond Almonds to tame my borderline hangry moments and provide a healthy snack with a powerful punch.

Blue Diamond Sriracha Almonds

If you’re going for flavor, you have to check out the new bold Sriracha! I’m not even a huge hot sauce fan, and boy, are these addicting. I cracked opened a container of these bad boys a couple of hours into our trip, and I kept breaking into them hour after hour. They’re so good!

Blue Diamond Almonds Sriracha

Almonds are a good source of healthy fat, fiber, and even protein. It’s amazing what just a handful can do to curb your hunger!


• c0c0nut water

Ditch the sodas! Seriously. While I always have a bottle of water within arms reach, it’s also good to have another type of drink accessible when you just want something more.

I have been a fan of coconut water since the first time I tried it fresh from the trees on our honeymoon. At around $2 a pop, I don’t always buy it, but I do bring home a few cartons as treat every now and then.

vita coco pure coconut water

While original coconut water is refreshing, I love the extra kick of flavor like pineapple or peach & mango. Coconut water will also ensure you are staying hydrated!


• cheese sticks

While you don’t want them to bake in the sun, a cheese stick or two would be fine being packed inside your snack bag and inside your air conditioned car.

string cheese sticks

Enjoy on their own or paired with your favorite cracker. String cheese is always the easiest type to pack and slice on-the-go!


• crackers

Cheese and crackers is also another winning combination. While I like a good wheat or whole grain cracker, I have been loving Blue Diamond Nut Thins brown rice, almonds & flax seeds crackers lately.

Blue Diamond Almonds Artisan Nut-Thins Flax Seeds

At home I prefer to dip them in something like hummus or guacamole, but they taste absolutely fantastic on their own. If you don’t want to take a bunch of snack boxes with you, pour your desired amount into a plastic bag. I fit an entire box of Nut Thins into the bag you see above!


Other (unpictured) snacks I have been turning to for on-the-road include turkey jerky, granola bars, baby carrots, and trail mixes.


Check out some of my original trail mixes and Blue Diamond recipes for more ideas:

A Day of Honey Roasted Almond Recipes

Game Changing Snack Ideas

Red, White, and Blue Almond Mix


Happy (healthy) snacking!


Question of the Morning

• What are some of your go-to healthy snacks for the road?

• What is your favorite flavor of almonds?

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