Coney Islands & WWE WrestleMania Detroit

I really don’t give Coney Island restaurants enough credit. Before we moved to the Detroit area, I had no idea the type of food, specifically the Coney Dog, evolved right here from our city!

Since we moved up to Michigan in 2012, I have only been to three Coney Island restaurants, and two of them are famous restaurant rivals located right next to each other downtown.

With Scott’s nephew in town for one more afternoon, we decided to complete his Detroit experience with a trip to a Coney Island restaurant. Wanting to try something new, I looked up Coneys in our area and found a great one in Birmingham called Greek Islands Coney Restaurant.

Greek Islands Coney Island Birmingham

They had an impressive collection of items to choose from on their menu including Coney classics and a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine. I ordered a pita wrap that came with a “small” Greek house salad.

greek islands coney greek salad

I love Greek salads, and this one definitely did not disappoint. It came with a homemade Greek yogurt dressing and was only a warm-up into our main dishes.

coney island food

The boys went the traditional route and ordered the standard Coney Dogs, (and a grilled cheese for Scott too!), while I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Chicken Pita.

greek islands coney philly cheesesteak chicken wrap

They gave the option of plating it with a low-carb pita, so I tried that and was very satisfied!

We all left very full, and I made a mental note to stop discrediting Coney restaurants. A lot of them offer so much more than chili dogs. You should definitely give them a go if you’re in the area and have never taken the chance!


WWE WrestleMania Detroit

After we dropped Connor off at the airport, we made our way downtown towards Detroit to attend my very first live WWE experience!

WrestleMania WWE Detroit

I am, of course, familiar with the famous Hulk Hogan wrestler, but I don’t really know much about the sport beyond that.

The past couple of years, however, have sparked both Scott and I’s interest, as one of our good friends, Trinity, is touring with them! A lot of you might recognize her as Naomi Knight from Total Divas.

I danced with her on the Magic while living in Orlando, and we try our best to keep in touch as much as we can. She’s seriously one of the funniest, most random, kind-hearted people I’ve ever met.

We have been recording the series since we found out she was on it, but this was the first time we were able to see one of her matches live. We were excited to be there!

WWE Detroit Naomi entrance

She can certainly hold her own. I was so impressed at all of her moves and we were cheering obnoxiously loud on the sidelines the entire time!

WWE Divas match

Her match was towards the beginning of the event, so we had some time to take in the rest of them until we waited for The Usos to come out next.

Uso Crazy brothers WWE

(Trinity is married to John!)

WWE SmackDown Uso twins

It was fun to see WWE WrestleMania and hear the die-hard fans in person. As each set of wrestlers came on, the crowd chanted and moved in a way to acknowledge their favorite one. It was pretty cool to be a part of!

WWE intro traditions

After three hours in the Joe, our group headed out to try and beat the traffic out of the parking garage. We wanted to meet Trinity and John out for a bite, so we drove towards them and all met up at a Buffalo Wild Wings near the airport.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I have been there, or had wings for that matter.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Our “quick bite” turned into hours of catching up and laughing ridiculously hard. I wish we all lived closer to each other! The WWE comes back to Detroit in the summer, so we are looking forward to attending their matches again.

catching up with trinity

It was a fun-filled Tuesday night that definitely took me out of my normal realm, but it was well worth it. Thanks for the tickets, Trinity, we can’t wait to see you guys again!  <3

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