Visiting Leland, Michigan

After an eventful evening of hiking Pyramid Point and late-night conversations by the bonfire, it was nice to be able to catch up on some rest and wake up to a lakeside view like this on Sunday.

lime lake at the deck

Alex and her family were all gracious hosts. We spent the morning lounging in the cottage and watching Wimbledon matches while her mom whipped up a hearty, healthy breakfast.

mimosa with breakfast

But first, mimosas!

healthy breakfast on vacation

Over-Medium eggs, turkey bacon, tomato slices, fresh berries, and (unpictured) toast

We took our time getting ready for the day, eventually put on our swimsuits, and then hung by the deck for a bit. It was so nice to be on our own schedule and just chill in the sun for a while.

enjoying the deck at lime lake

Alex had her one piece (<- adorable, right?) on since we had plans on going wake boarding, but I was just fine with staying in the boat and going along for the ride.

relaxing by the lake with alex

Once again, I didn’t take my phone with me on the boat for pictures, but it was so fun. I have a serious love for being on the water, especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it’s been out. Summer, please don’t ever leave!


Visiting Leland

As soon as we got back from our boat ride, we threw swim coverups on to go into the city. We made a short ten minute drive over to the Leland, and happily killed an hour or so in the adorable and historic fish town.

leland fishing town, mi

While we didn’t have any intentions of going shopping, we strolled up and down the main streets to window shop. It didn’t take us long to wander into Harbor House Trading Co. for something… other than clothing.

harbor bouse trading co. leland, mi

Ice cream!

ice cream in leland, mi

Right alongside the Michigan-themed jackets and summer wear was a large counter filled with homemade ice cream flavors, dipped cones, and toppings. Both Scott and I ordered waffle cones, and I’m confident in saying I won with my Pink Peppermint Fudge flavor choice. It was a complete mess and dripped all over me, but so worth it!

Ice cream in hand, we casually walked the shops and docks surrounding Harbor Square.

shops in leland, mi

Leland is actually a Historic District, Fish Town, and Harbor!

Leland Historic District (Fishtown)

The heart of this commercial fishing village is the smokehouses, docks, fish tugs and charter boats. I didn’t snap many photos (the collection of boats that docked were beautiful!), but I was able to capture the Leland Dam.

Leland Dam

I’ve always thought dams to be pretty cool. I love seeing and hearing the sounds of the falling water, and I enjoy any opportunity I get to see one in person. It’s the little things, right?

Before long, it was time to get back to the cottage and pack up to return home. Scott and I had a great (full) day in Northern Michigan, and we are hoping to get back up and west again soon. Thanks again for hosting, Alex and fam!


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See you in the morning!

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