More Summer Workout Music

Hi friends! I have been getting some requests to share more of my workout music, so I am here to deliver. But first, I wanted to talk about this afternoon’s (blazing) run outside with Roadie.

running trails with roadie in reebok z goddess

I have been hearing how unbearably hot it is from family and friends down in Florida, and today I finally felt it.

I wanted to get a run in and needed to do so before an appointment I have at 4, so I took my chances against the sun and mid-80 degree heat of the afternoon and took Roadie out for a loop on the trails.

trail running in the summer

I would have sworn that Fall was approaching a couple of weeks ago. This week, however, Summer feels and looks like it’s here to stay for a while.

running the trails scenery

We ended up taking a couple of breaks in the shade on our run to keep cool, which I’m sure the pup appreciated.

Running with Roadie face

Look at that tongue!

Upon our return home, I made sure that we both re-hydrated and I jumped in the shower.

As soon as I got back downstairs, I wanted all of the cold things in our freezer and made a smoothie bowl the size of my head. Well… what do you know, I ended up eating all of it.

fruit and protein smoothie bowl

In my smoothie:

frozen spinach

frozen banana

frozen strawberries

frozen grapes

1 scoop Designer Whey vanilla protein powder

a generous amount of almond milk to get it going!

Summer 2014 Running + Workout Playlist II

I was going to wait until the Fall to roll out my next workout playlist, but I have received a handful of requests to share more of them.

Summer tends to feature a ton of hit music on the radio, so I guess I lucked out there. Below you will find a compilation of jams I have been loving and breaking a sweat to over the past couple of weeks.

Summer 2014 running and workout playlist

Listen Online

You can find both of my Summer 2014 Running + Workout Playlists (and more!) combined on my 2014 Summer Favorites Playlist via Spotify.

Hopefully that widget works for you! If not, you can click the link above it and listen to them through the Spotify app.

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And a whole series of half marathon training playlists you can find on the Fitness page!


Gotta jet, but I will see you guys back in the morning with Friday Favorites. Have a great rest of your Thursday!

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