New York City: Cafe Mogador & Eileen’s Cheesecake

There is so much to do and see in New York City, I can’t help but to document the fabulous eats and to-dos of our trips on the blog. Hanging with locals, I feel a need to pass on the good spots we experienced during our last trip for you to possibly check out for yourselves one day!


Here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

• Surprise 30th Birthday in New York City

Queen of the Night & New York City Shows

Brooklyn Bagels, Spa Castle & Southern Hospitality


Tuesday was our last day in the city! We had an evening flight to catch, so Scott and I wanted to make the most of our full free day in New York.

I was so glad my friend Lauren was off to hang out with us, too! We got rolling by Noon, and she took us over to the East Village for lunch.

walk in the east village NYC

It was such a beautiful walk over after our subway ride!


Cafe Mogador

Cafe Mogador is a charming Moroccan & Mediterranean restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.

cafe mogador east village nyc

It was gorgeous out, so we asked to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine while we dined. Lauren ordered a hummus platter to split as soon as we sat before we even had a chance to look over the menu and place our orders. It was delicious!

cafe mogador hummus platter

I fell for the lunch special that came with a side soup or salad for a reasonable price. I opted for the salad, which was much more exciting than it appears.

cafe mogador house salad

Lauren ordered an egg and cheese platter, I ordered the tomato and arugula penne special, and Scott ordered a burger. It may sound odd, but the burger was a serious highlight! Everyone raves about it here.

cafe mogador east village nyc lunches

Pleasantly full, we planned to walk off a little bit of lunch on our way over to find the best cheesecake in town. We found some interesting art on our walk, which of course, Scott felt he needed to mimic.

new york sign wall scott being funny

I’m officially calling him Baby Hulk from here on out.

new york sign wall scott being funny 2

After searching Yelp and Trip Advisor, all signs for the best cheesecake in the city pointed to Eileen’s Special Cheesecake on Cleveland Place.

eileen's special cheesecake nyc

It wasn’t terribly crowded, but then again, we were visiting on a Tuesday afternoon.

There were plenty of mouthwatering flavors in the window to pick from!

eileen's special cheesecake selection

The chocolate lover in me wanted the oreo, but I settled on splitting the salted caramel with Lauren. Scott got a strawberry cheesecake, and both were incredible! Wherever you are, it’s definitely worth a trip over for a couple of bites.

eileen's salted caramel cheesecake

Also, I loved how perfectly portioned the cakes were. I could have easily brought several home!

We kept walking through the afternoon and stopped into several stores along the way. I loved a trendy, affordable stop we cut through on Broadway called Necessary Clothing. It’s a great store for a fun party dress or fashionable number to wear out on the town.

necessary clothing store nyc

I couldn’t resist picking up a pair of floral shorts I can only hope to wear sooner than later. My fingers are crossed for a long, warm Michigan summer!

We took our time popping into different stores on the way home, including the biggest costume shop I’d ever seen. If you ever need anything for Halloween, a themed event, or even awesome $5 paper face masks, New York Costumes on 4th Avenue is your best bet.

funny paper face masks costume store

Isn’t it crazy how much they match our real faces? A bit creepy, but hilarious.

We wrapped up our time in the city with a brisk walk all the way back to where we started.

walking in new york city

After four full days of walking the city, my feet were starting to miss my fuzzy Minnetonka slippers at home. Walking the city day in and day out can make you pretty sore, but it’s so worth the throbbing and discomfort.

Every time Scott and I visit the city, we fall in love with New York all over again. Even the sight of the skyline on our way out stole my heart!

leaving NYC skyline from plane

As we took off and rode into the sunset, I just kept thinking how grateful I am for such wonderful friends. I told Scott how much he spoiled me, and we agreed that a celebratory Netflix marathon and take-out is the perfect birthday celebration for the next five years or so.

He, Lauren, and a handful of others definitely outdid themselves this time!

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