Why I’m Moving Back to Florida

Hi friends! How has your week been going?

I feel like I haven’t really been in to chat with you guys over the last few days. I’ve missed you, but I can’t say I’m hating the time away from my desk at home, either… I’m actually in Florida!

jacksonville beach

Well, for the next few hours at least. I came down to spend some time with my family and attend my grandfather’s funeral yesterday afternoon. Thank you again for your wonderful messages, thoughts, and prayers. It was a beautiful service and an amazing tribute. <3

I won’t keep you all long, but I just wanted to say hello from the beach!

Reebok ZPump Fusion sneakers and gear on the beach

My mom and I stayed over at my aunt’s house last night, and it was so nice to spend some extra time with her and her family last night. Another bonus is that they live less than two miles from Jacksonville Beach!

With a morning off from work, my mom and I wanted to take advantage of our location, so we planned a run up to the beach and back. I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot on a real beach. My extremely pale skin tells me last July. Let’s just say that a trip in something other than sneakers and leggings is long overdue.

jellyfish washed ashore

(Oh hey, jellyfish!)

We took a new route that was about a mile and a half over to the beach, and ran a good mile in the sand once we were there. Of course I had to stop and take some pictures. Obviously.

jax beach

Ahhh, the beach. I remember the days I was only a 40 minute drive from dipping my toes into the water anytime I wanted to. That’s one thing I definitely took for granted.

After being home and surrounded by family, revisiting my old and comforting stomping grounds, and seeing all the green scenery, I have decided that I’m moving back to Florida. I’m sure Scott will be on board once the NBA season comes to a close.

running on the beach with mom

For what it’s worth, I am pretty good at talking him into making good life choices. This would be one of them.

Right before we were going to turn around, we decided to take an alternate route home that just so happened to take us by my Granddaddy and Nana’s old beach condo.

condo on the beach

That was really neat to see. I remember driving up to visit them there when I was younger, and I always made at least one trip down to the beach while I was there. They had the best beachside view!

We casually jogged in as we made it back to my aunt’s house right under the 5 mile mark. By the time I got out of the shower, I was hungry, and I had no problem cleaning out the fridge.

shrimp quesadilla with yogurt and fruit

I heated up the rest of my dinner leftovers from the night before (shrimp quesadilla with homemade mango salsa – yum!), and enjoyed a serving of pineapple Greek yogurt topped in fruit with a few cubes of cheese on the side. It hit the spot!

Welp, we just walked in the door of my parents’ house back in Orlando, and are about to wrap things up with my last dinner at home. I leave for the airport in about an hour, so I better go and soak in all the time that I can with them.

I’ll see you all back here in the morning from Detroit. Have a great rest of your Hump Day!


P.S. April Fools? I’m not really moving back to Florida. After seeing pictures of the 4-inch snowfall at home yesterday, it’s pretty tempting though. I joke that every time I come down South, I don’t want to go back to Michigan, and that is completely accurate. For now, I’ll just keep pretending I live near the beach again while doing yoga poses. #itsfine

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