Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Product reviews and campaigns I get asked to participate in aren’t always exclusively for me.

Today we are highlighting two very special members of the Hesington family who get to join in on the fun: Aspen and Cali!


Those who have been reading for a while might already know a little bit about these pretty girls, but let’s roll with a quick introduction and bio, just in case.

Scott brought two (then) six-month-old kittens home as a Christmas present for me in 2009! They came from the same household, and since he didn’t want to split them up, they both found a new home in ours and have been inseparable ever since.

Aspen is the grey one, who we call “the boss” of the house.

aspen stretching

She will come up to get attention when she wants to get pet, and always makes sure you know she is around. She is definitely vocal, and will sit right on my lap or keyboard while I’m working on the computer. Aspen doesn’t think any space is too small to wedge herself between or sit in, or more specifically, sit anywhere next to or onto me.

Cali is a very chill calico. California is her given name, and it’s very fitting. You can pick her up, carry her around, and she’ll just let you snuggle for days without a fight. She’s a little chunkier, but I’m sure that is only because she prefers to spend the majority of her day taking cat naps. Eh, what’cha gonna do.

cali relaxing

Both find their way into our bed, along with the dog, every night. Talk about a pet party!

I have always been a huge cat person. I had both dogs and cats growing up, and couldn’t wait for the day I could house one on my own when I moved out of my parents’ house. I never had more than one at a time, but I couldn’t imagine not having both of them around every single day. They’re the best!

I am a firm believer that pets are an integral part of my everyday happiness, especially since I work from home. All day, every day, I am surrounded by at least one of the three of them, and it’s actually very calming and comforting. You can just call me the crazy pet lady. It’s fine.

relaxing on couch with pets

I appreciate my pets for the joy they bring me, and I think they only deserve the best when it comes to buying products for them. Since we got them, all three pets have been on natural and organic food and treats. I have stuck to the same cat litter for years, because, well… why fix something that’s not broken, right?

There was a point in time where at least one of the two cats were using the bathroom outside of the box. I would go in to make sure the box was clean, and then walk by the same room ten minutes later with presents for me to clean up on the floor. I really didn’t get it. After talking to our vet, I purchased another litter box and now change two almost every single day. It’s a glorious job I know you are all jealous of.

That said, you can imagine that I was slightly nervous to try a new litter in our household. 

Aspen with cat's pride fresh & light ultimate care cat litter

I was given the opportunity to try Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™ litter and was asked to share the experience of using it in our home here on the blog.

The first thing I noticed was the color. Over the period of a few days, I mixed the Ultimate Care litter in with our old litter and the dark grey color threw me off a little.

Cat's Pride Ultimate Care Fresh & Light Cat Litter

Not that there is anything wrong with dark grey…

Aspen is curious

True to its name, the product felt very lightweight and came with a perfect amount of fresh scent. Some litters are way too powerful in that area. Most cats don’t like overly scented litters, and my cats are no exception.

While a lot of other litters are lightweight, not all perform like Fresh & Light Ultimate Care. Other brands use lightweight fillers like paper, wood chips, or even light density rocks that don’t absorb. Ultimate Care uses high absorbing clay, which is the same clay used to filter impurities out of cooking oils and absorb moisture from major league baseball fields!

cali with cat's pride lab coat

Rather than mask odors, Ultimate Care cat litter absorbs and eliminates them with the high absorbing clay materials. It’s extremely easy to scoop and doesn’t leave a film of dust all over the place that I have experienced while cleaning out litter boxes in the past.

Cat’s Pride urged me to try their 10-Day Odor Challenge, and they recommend you guys to do the same! We are about two weeks into trying Ultimate Care, and we absolutely love the litter. The cats seem to love it too, so I really don’t see a need to go back!

Ultimate Care has two formulations for multiple cats – Scented and Scented Hypoallergenic – which is perfect for our household. The Hypoallergenic is great for sensitive or allergic cats and family members.

Let’s face it… cleaning up after our pets isn’t always glamorous, but somebody’s got to do it! If that somebody has to be me, I am determined to find the best and have only great things to say about Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care.

cat's pride delivery for cats

Thank you for letting us try it!

Check out the fun little video we made and keep scrolling for the giveaway:


Question of the Morning

• What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?

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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 3/3/2015 – 4/12/2015

Be sure to visit Cat’s Pride brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!

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