What I Ate Wednesday #86

Good morning!

It’s Wednesday, and I like to stay true to a tradition for most of them. On Wednesdays, we talk about food! (Have no idea what WIAW is all about? This post breaks it down!)

(And just to throw this out there…)

What I Ate Wednesday features an entire day of my unfiltered eats. In no way do I change what I eat just for the sake of documenting it. While I try to be mindful with portions, I don’t count calories. I do, however, take into account how much activity I am going to be doing that day, and I plan my meals and snacks accordingly.


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday


My Tuesday started later than I planned, thanks to my incessant need to hit the snooze button and eventually miss my alarms all together. Yes, alarms.

I’m craving more and more sleep these days, so on mornings where I don’t have to necessarily be anywhere, I need extra motivation to get up at a normal early hour. I’m working on it.

Breakfast couldn’t have been easier. I opened a new box of one of my favorite go-tos and ate at the computer while I got my day started.

go lean crunch cereal with coffee for breakfast

Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Cereal with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk

It took me a while to get rolling on something, but I finally put together an early afternoon post and called it a day on the blog front. I spent some time catching up on emails, and before I knew it, lunch had arrived.

healthy lunch wrap with spinach, tabboleh, tomato and ground turkey

Fiber Tortillas with spinach, tabbouleh, tomatoes, and leftover ground turkey

Basically, I saw anything in our refrigerator that made sense to throw together and went for it. I’ll admit that the ground turkey was a super odd choice, but it worked.

spinach wrap with tabbouleh ground turkey and tomato

It was a bit random, a little messy, but really good.

I finished my wrap and wrapped things up on the computer so I could take Roadie out on an afternoon run a couple of hours later.

banana for a snack

(but I needed a banana to snack on first!)

I didn’t have much time, so I kept things simple with a two mile loop around the neighborhood. I wasn’t quite feeling myself anyways, so I guess that worked out. And hey, two miles are better than no miles, right?

timex sports ironman ONEGPS+

(Thanks for sharing this photo, Timex Sports!)

As soon as I got home, I hopped in the shower and got dressed in my gym clothes. I had appointments that evening, so I wanted to go ahead and make dinner early. That’s a first!

side salads with oil and vinegar for dressing

Spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots, black olives, and tomato basil feta cheese with drizzles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dressing

I assembled the salad while I cooked the Italian sausage for the rotini and both were ready to dig into pretty quickly.

Van's gluten free pasta sides rotini & red sauce

Van’s Gluten Free Rotini & Red Sauce pasta side with Spicy Italian Turkey Sausage

I spent the next half hour trying to figure out what went wrong in my dessert recipe. I made a mango key lime pie the night before, but it just wasn’t gelling. It tasted great, but I think I need to take another stab at it before a recipe is shared.

vegan key lime pie dessert

 Vegan Mango Key Lime Pie… or pudding… still working on tweaking the recipe

I finally got out the door and arrived at the gym around 6:30 p.m. I had two appointments and then returned home right before 10. Scott and I both dug into the key lime whatever it is as soon as I walked in the door and called it a night after an episode of The Voice. We’re really digging this season!


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Question of the Morning

• Have you ever tried to make a cold pie vegan? What did you use to substitute the eggs?

• What is the most random meat you’ve thrown into a lunch wrap?

Please tell me I’m not crazy over here!

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