What I Ate Wednesday #95

Hello from the sky!

My morning started extra early with a 5:30 a.m. flight to LAX and a short layover in Chicago. I can honestly say this was the earliest I’ve ever had to function and drive to the airport, but hey, I got my flight at a steal… so there’s that.

Since today is Hump Day, I thought I would chime in with a typical WIAW post as I slowly make my way across the country. Come on up and join the ride!

(Have no idea what What I Ate Wednesday is all about? This post breaks it down!)


What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday



Breakfast was an old throwback to gluten free waffles. I couldn’t tell you why I veered away from them for so long.

healthy breakfast gluten free waffles with peanut butter and fruit

Nature’s Path Buckwheat Wildberry waffles topped in peanut butter, chia seeds, and agave nectar (not pictured) with a side of fresh blueberries and raspberries

Unlike most mornings, one waffle and the fruit filled me up quick. I ended up saving the other for a mid-morning snack on the side of working on the computer.

I spent most of my Tuesday preparing for this trip and working on a couple of campaigns. I didn’t really leave my living room table until lunch. Since our desktop is located in the windowless basement, I currently spend most of my days working at the dinner table to be able to see the outdoors. The day I can finally put together and move into a home office can’t come soon enough!

Anyways, lunch. Due to the lack of stocked groceries at home, it was quite random.

quinoa and bean bowl with veggie burger

Quinoa bowl with black eyed peas, shredded Parmesan cheese, and a cut up Amy’s Sonoma Veggie Burger

That all sounds pretty weird, I know. For what it’s worth, I loved it!

The entire morning and half of the afternoon breezed right by. Scott came home around 3 p.m., so I suggested we take a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood with Roadie to get outside. The weather was gorgeous!

I finally started packing my suitcase after we returned. I always wait until the last minute to pack for trips. I think it’s because I despise packing. Does anyone really like to pack? If so, I might hire you to come sprinkle your packing fairy dust on me. Kidding. Sort of.

Ready for a snack, I grabbed a bag of chicken jerky while I folded clothes and situated my belongings.

oberto chicken jerky

Oberto Spicy Buffalo Style Chicken Strips

Meh, these were okay. I think I am more of a plain and simple non-flavored turkey jerky kind of girl. I’ve tried a variety of flavored turkey and chicken jerkies over the last few months, and none of them really do much for me beyond the original bags of turkey jerky. Note taken.

I also hijacked a box of Triscuits to dip in hummus while I packed my toiletries upstairs.

crackers and hummus snack

I’ve been all about Greek flavored hummus lately!

An hour later, it was time for me to get ready for work at the gym. I had a private training session at 5 followed by two small group circuit classes.

I dedicated half of my hour break to getting my workouts prepped for clients while I’m gone, and squeezed my own workout into the other half. Without much time to think about anything, I jumped on the workout of the day for my last class, Rockit.

rock city fitness rockit workout

Each circuit called for as many rounds as possible for four consecutive exercises, totaling 30 minutes for two 15 minute circuits. Since I only had about a 20 minute window, I completed 10 minutes of each circuit, and I was still huffing and puffing!

rock city fitness training ropes

(Those training ropes get me every time.)

I taught my last class at 8 and walked out the door right around 8:45 p.m. I was more than ready for dinner, so I threw together another random meal for me and a fruit smoothie (per his request) for Scott.

Due to another sorry excuse for groceries, I didn’t have much to work with to satisfy my craving for a warm meal. I was hoping to find some chili to pour over a baked potato, but I didn’t even have that to pull from. Instead… this.

baked potato with salsa and cheese

Baked potato topped with spicy cilantro salsa and melted jalapeño shredded cheese

It did the job, but wasn’t anything I’m dying to recreate anytime soon. I also assembled a simple cucumber and tomato salad.

cucumber and tomato salad with cheese

Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and grated Parmesan cheese (bummer we didn’t have feta!)

About an hour later, I was getting ready for bed and decided to try something new from my latest About Time haul. I am partnering up with the company to share new products throughout the year, and will be sure to feature anything notable.

Nighttime protein hot cocoa anyone?

About Time Nighttime Recovery Protein Powder in hot chocolate

Chocolate About Time Nighttime Recovery Formula mixed into 8 oz. hot skim milk

For a protein powder, it mixed into my milk considerably well. Maybe heating it up helped! I wasn’t sure I would be able to feel any effects from the melatonin, and I don’t know if this is related or not, but my eyelids were mighty droopy within the next half hour.

I was in bed shortly after, and only had short sleep before it was time for my 3:30 a.m. wake up call for the airport. Phew!




Now that I’ve had about two hours of sleep on the plane, I’m ready to work! Thanks so much for stopping by to read about this week’s eats, and I’ll see you later this afternoon with your interview answers from Gabby Reece!

If you liked this WIAW post, head on over to Peas & Crayons to check out plenty others, or even link your own! Also, you can always find my latest What I Ate Wednesday posts by exploring the “WIAW” tag on the right hand sidebar.


Question of the Morning

• What’s the latest and most random meal you’ve thrown together in a hurry?

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