Navy Stripes + Tiny Triangles

The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous in Orlando.

I hope you all got to take a minute to enjoy mother nature for Earth Day.  Scott and I took Roadie to the dog park and he couldn’t get enough of the fresh air, even on the way over.

Just in case you were wondering…YES, that was in fact my husband singing in the background! Ha.  I totally just called him out. 😉

Although I woke up with a sinus headache yesterday, (I’m still trying to get over my cold) I really enjoyed my morning walk with Roadie in 61 degree weather.

Upon our arrival back home, I immediately turned off the air and opened up the windows.  At this point in the year, we Floridians have to take advantage of every “windows open” day we can get!

Kitties at window

All three kids were intrigued by the screen door separating them from in and outside.

Pets looking outside window

I couldn’t complain either.  I love opening the windows and every time we do I ask Scott why we still don’t have a hammock on our outside balcony.  One day.

(Dinner and) Lunch

Last night, Scott made a fantastically fresh salad with our produce from the Farmer’s Market.

Garden Veggie and Turkey Salad

He started with romaine, then chopped tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber.  He topped it with Cajun deli turkey and shredded cheese, then tossed it in a spicy pepper vinegar dressing.

It really was fantastic and fresh.

When making large salads at home we like to make enough to last us for days at a time.

*Tip: Leave the dressing off of the extra portions, store it in a container with a lid in the refrigerator, and use your salad for a side in the next few meals.

Sunday night’s dinner turned into yesterday’s lunch, except I turned it vegetarian by heating and dicing up a Morning Star Farms Garden Veggie Patty instead of turkey.

Garden Veggie Salad

Another victory!

Navy Stripes + Tiny Triangles

Over the last two months I’ve started to notice a trend in my wardrobe: I love stripes and geometric shapes.  Do you remember my polka dots + stripes post? Point and case.

I recently wore a new number out for a friend’s birthday.  I loved this dress the second I saw the back line.

Large Stripes Dress

If you ignore the fact that my sleeves are my bunchy (and that I took the picture myself on my phone <– oops), you can hopefully see the appeal.

Since the dress has a busy pattern I paired it with simple jewelery, a black belt and nude pumps.

Navy Stripes Dress

Dress: Urban Outfitters (sale rack)

Belt: Express

Bracelets: Aldo

Pumps: Steve Madden via Macy’s

We had a great time celebrating Heather’s birthday…and hey, I know another Heather who’s birthday is tomorrow! (Yours truly.) :)

Heathers Birthday

That same week a friend of ours came into town, so we gathered up the troops for dinner.  I wore the same coral dress with tiny black triangles a few weeks ago to a comedy show, but dressed the look up a little by adding a black belt and peep-toe ankle boots.

Coral Dress Fashion

Since this dress also has a busy pattern, I paired it with simple jewelery.

Dress: Forever 21

Belt: Express

Bracelets: Aldo

Ankle Boots: Forever 21

Clutch: Express

I wanted to wear bright coral lips to match the dress, but I quickly change my mind to do a pink matte lip instead.

Pink Matte Lips and Clutch

Here I’m wearing Pink Paid by MAC.

The funny story about both of these dresses is I picked them up while on a mission to find “solid business casual tops.” Could I have been more off with my purchasing?

It’s hard for me to resist great finds and by now I think it’s safe to say I’m drawn to bright colors and busy patterns.


What’s in your wardrobe: mostly solids or mostly prints?

Any other stripe/polka dots/shape lovers out there?

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