Shake it Baby! (Bean Bag Friday)

You might remember bottles of this omega-3 drink popping up frequently during my half marathon training.

Each week, Drink Chia shoots a casual vlog, sharing how people in the community step out of their every day ordinary schedules to shake up their lives, hence their tagline:

Shake it, Baby!

They call this segment Bean Bag Friday and last week, they interviewed me!

Drink Chia Bean Bag Friday

I’ve been a Mover and Shaker: Friend of Drink Chia since the beginning of 2012, and still feel honored to be one of the four currently representing the brand on their website.

Ready for the Drink Chia video shoot

I showed up to their offices last Thursday around 11 a.m., greeted by the wonderful Co-Founder Chandra Davis.  She was dressed in my favorite work attire: running shorts and a tank top.  I love that everyone in their office exemplifies a healthy, active lifestyle.

We started chatting about the product, then about different recipes and drink ideas to try it out with.  I’m eventually going to share a few of them on the blog, but for today I have this one:

Drink Chia Protein Smoothie

Drink Chia Protein Smoothie

Although it was a little frothy on top, the smoothie tasted great.  I’ll have to experiment more in the next few weeks and come up with more variations to share.

Bean Bag Friday Video

Bean Bag Friday was casual, laid back and the video captured real, unscripted talking.  So casual, that I didn’t even realize we were taping at first – hence why you see me Instagraming at the beginning of it.

This was the photo!

Drink Chia video shoot

The topic was healthy living, running and setting goals.  A lot of what I talk about you can find somewhere in my Running for Beginners and Pre-Training posts.  Two things:

1) I realize (now) I wasn’t speaking that loudly.  Sorry for that.

2) There’s no editing here people.  Stuttering happens and yes, I’m laughing with you at myself. 😉

Thank you, Chandra, for letting me chat about getting the motivation to run my first half marathon!

Shaking it up

Similar to the Drink Chia brand, I too like to Shake it, Baby.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making a conscious effort to change up my workout routine.

While training for a race, I stayed true to running four days and taking barre classes two to three times a week.  Although I’ve missed being outside, I’ve really enjoyed a few different types of workout challenges.

This week, I completed three different P90X videos.

P90X equipment

Scott just started his second go around with the 90 day program, and I’ve enjoyed popping in every now and then.  I’ve never committed to doing the full 90 days, but maybe I will one day in the future.

Those workouts are INSANE!  I did the chest & back, plyometrics, and arms & shoulders videos this week, and am usually sore for at least two days after each one.  Awesome.

Whenever I’m in need of a good booty kicking, I know where to find it: at home through these videos.

Speaking of insane, I’m really excited to join Shaun T and 300 others for an INSANITY workout tomorrow morning! I’ve never done an Insanity video before, but I have done his Hip Hop Abs videos for years now.

Hip Hop Abs with Shaun Tsource

Is that embarrassing? Ha… nope! I love it, and it certainly keeps me in shape.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Have a great weekend! :)

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