DIY Wedding Anniversary Gift

Yesterday was Scott and I’s first year wedding anniversary!  It was wonderful.

I’ll post details tomorrow, but wanted to start the week by sharing a project I’ve been working on with you.

Since we have been on a tight budget lately, I knew we weren’t going to be extravagant with gifts this year.  Knowing I wanted to make something that would have a special meaning to both of us, I turned to my craft inspiration board on Pinterest.

After searching a few wedding anniversary gift guides, I found a great outline for the first Newlywed years.  Year 1 is traditionally Paper – so paper it was!

Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide


I found this photo as inspiration to create a picture telling the story of our first year of our marriage together, through our first wedding dance song.  We couldn’t have chosen better words, and the lyrics to Hold Us Together by Matt Maher mean a great deal to both of us.

This was definitely the present for me!

The best part about it was I already had all of the supplies at home.  The most you will spend to make your own heart shaped lyrics picture is on the frame and photo paper, which I would guess you can get both for about $20.


• Wedding song lyrics, typed

• 2 -3 sheets of photo paper (optional, but nice to ensure quality)

• 8″ x 10″ or larger picture frame, (I used a double layered glass frame)

• red stationary paper (optional)

• scissors

• tape

• ruler (helped me straighten out the lines of hearts)


1. Type out the lyrics from your first dance wedding song.

I made the entire song one paragraph, to get the most out of my photo paper and printer ink.  I used Microsoft Word, which allowed me to insert a heart shape (it’s a faint light blue color), then copy and paste it again and again throughout the entire document.  The length of the paragraph then decided the height of the hearts I made, and this was the only way I was going to be able to cut a pretty, consistent heart.

*Tip: To get your text to display in front of the hearts, click on the heart, then select from the top menu: Format > Shape > Layout > Behind Text.

2. Decide what specialty hearts you want to include.

Along with our wedding song lyrics, I wanted to add a title heart and a photo cut out of us dancing.

You can create both in Microsoft Word by picking Insert > Photo from photo library on your computer.  Re-size it to fit inside of the heart outline.

*Tip: To get your photo to display behind the heart, click on the heart, then select from the top menu: Format > Shape > Layout > In Front of Text.

3. Print out enough hearts to fill the frame. 

Cut around the outside borders and start laying hearts in a design you like.

Wedding Song Lyrics for picture gift

I did 5 hearts x 4 hearts, totaling twenty.

4. Cut out each individual heart and arrange on glass (or white paper, if you choose).

It took me a while to decide if I wanted to include the red heart, the photo, or both.

5.  Once you decide what you want to use, decide where you want to use them.

I could have gone several different ways, but ended up settling on the following layout:

6.  Once everything is in place, carefully tape the hearts down to the glass (or white background) in straight rows and columns.

I used a ruler to help push everything into straight lines.

7. Test out where it will go!

There she is.  I just love how this DIY project turned out!

I was able to finish this project in just a few hours and made sure to wrap it up and hide it away before Scott got home.  I had a few hearts left over and used one to put on top of the present.

1 Year Anniversary Gift - Paper

Can’t wait for Year 2!

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  1. Erin says

    This is adorable, Heather! You did a fantastic job. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Scott! Love you both. :)

    • says

      Thank you so much! I actually purchased that a few years back at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I have seen layered glass frames at Target, Home Goods and even Stein Mart at times!

  2. Shelly says

    Thanks so much for the fantastic idea and great step-by-step instructions. This is the perfect gift for my husband Matt on our first year anniversary. I am having so much fun making this surprise for him!

  3. says

    LOVE IT!!! I am making it as we speak for our 1 year anniversary that is this sunday. I sort of slacked on getting a present and wanted to stick with the traditional anniversary gift list. When I seen this I knew I could manage it. I will post a picture of my finished product and give your blog a shout out next week Tuesday. Thanks so much for the idea.

  4. Charlee Nash says

    Absolutely loved this idea!!! Just created my own but my song was much shorter so added a couple fillers with a love note and second colored chevron heart :) Thanks for the tips, best anniversary gift I have seen yet!


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