Affordable Yoga + Active Wear

The weather in Florida lately has been wet, rainy, hot and inconsistent.

Just when I least expected it, I found someone else who shared my same frustrations.  Looking for shelter, this little guy hung onto the side mirror of my car for a good ten hours on Friday.

driving buddy

I noticed him as I was smack dab in the middle of the interstate driving through the rain, sun and everything else in between.  He held on strong, and I am happy to report we both made it home safe and sound.  Still curled up later that night, I finally got the courage to grab him and gently place him into the garden by our pool.  Run free, little snail warrior!

Saturday, Scott and I got an early start by cleaning the house, folding laundry and running errands before lunch time.  This time our riding buddy was a little bigger, a little furrier and made his way into our backseat.

running errands

Funny how that happens! 😉

Shortly after waking up Saturday, I threw on my bathing suit to help motivate me through chores.  Having the suit on made me that much closer to going downstairs and enjoying the beautiful (or so I thought) weather in Central Florida.

After coming home to an on-and-off-again rain storm that lasted the rest of the weekend, I came to a few conclusions…

 Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

While out running errands, Scott and I ran into Old Navy to see if they had any good deals going on.  Since I now teach barre five days a week, I have been in desperate need of more yoga pants.

To my surprise, they have a great line of great, affordable active wear.  Why haven’t I discovered this sooner?

Affordable Yoga and Active Wear

First thing’s first: Let me just take a minute to express how much I LOVE lululemon athletica for any kind of yoga, running or active wear need.  They sell high quality products, their designs are adorable and their company is inspiring.

Lululemon runningsource

For me, the one downfall about lulu is pricing.  Even though there is an outlet within ten miles of where I live, I can’t justify spending $40+ on a tank top I sweat in.

I am on a tight budget these days, and since I am doing more window shopping than ever, there is no reason I can’t share what I would like to buy with you.

Lets start with these Active Bubble Tanks.  There are hardly any sizes are left online, but in stores Old Navy carries a variety of sizes and colors for $16.94 $15 each.

Affordable Yoga Tanks

Their Active Padded Camis  have a built-in-bra and the material, cut and colors remind me of some of my favorite lululemon tanks.

old nave yoga wearsource

Being in workout clothing for the majority of my days, I have become smitten with colorful, pretty workout apparel.  Although I am tempted to spend my entire paycheck at the lululemon outlet, it’s nice to stumble upon some pieces that I can actually afford.  These sports bras were on sale for $10, originally priced at $16.50.

affordable quality sports bras

Old Navy had some great deals on compression leggings and yoga pants.  I can’t find the two cropped pants I purchased online, but here is a similar pant in a full length version.

Old Navy Yoga

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

Around the same section, I found a table of tank tops on sale.  I got the top striped tank for $5.99 and the bottom ivory long and extremely soft tank for $8.

Old Navy Yoga Tanks

I would deem that trip in the rain a success!

Easy Pizza Toast

When we got home, there was a clear sign that Scott and I were going to be staying indoors for the remainder of the evening.  With our tummies grumbling and not much in the pantry of fridge to pull from, I made a quick and easy five minute lunch: Pizza Toast!

Easy Pizza Toast

I made a similar concoction once before, and but this time I substituted leftover spaghetti sauce for tomato paste.

Scott and I both agree that this decision worked in our favor.  Since the sauce already had seasons and in this case Italian sausage, the flavor beat out the regular taste of tomato paste.  It was delicious!


I would prefer to go ultra healthy and add more veggies like green peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to pull from so black olives, cheese and basil is what we got.

Pizza Toast using Spaghetti Sauce

Pizza Toast can be ready in 5 minutes, with just 3 easy steps:

1. Prep the pizza you like by sprinkling the ingredients atop slices of whole wheat toast.

easy pizza toast ready for oven

2. Place in oven at 350 degrees or toaster oven on HIGH until cheese is melted.

Pizza Toast out of oven

3. Slice and serve.

Pizza Toast

Craving greens without proper salad ingredients, I got creative and sliced up a cucumber.  With a sprinkle of Morton’s Nature’s Season Seasoning and a drizzle of red wine vinegar, the cucumbers completed the lunch and it hit the spot.


Dessert was just as satisfying as lunch and included one of my favorite recent healthy treat finds.

chocolate peant butter dessert


Pretzels and dark chocolate peanut butter

Have a great start to your week!


Where do you buy active/yoga/workout wear?

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  1. Xiomara @ Parkesdale says

    I just recently found lululemon and I love it. I just wih I could afford more of it. I have picked up a lot of workout clothes at Marshalls for a great price. I was just at a New Balance store recently and thought their prices were pretty good. Now I’ll just have to find the lululemon outlet.

    • says

      Yes! Marshalls is also great. After posting this today I realize I need to do another with all of the stores I frequent for workout/running attire. I know there is a lululemon outlet in Orlando, but not sure about other locations. Let me know if you find one near you! :)

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